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Title Author Year Price  
Agriculture Finance and Marketing Sharma, B K 2018 Rs 1850.00
Agriculture Marketing and Production Roy, K P 2018 Rs 1850.00
Aquaculture Marketing Handbook Engle, Carole 2016 Rs 4495.00
Business and Marketing Management in Agriculture Mathur, P C 2018 Rs 1850.00
Business Marketing Kumar, Avinash 2018 Rs 1395.00
Business Structure and Management: Text and Cases Shilu, Viralkumar et al 2018 Rs 1195.00
Digital Marketing: Current Trends Sharma, R C 2018 Rs 1600.00
Encyclopaedia od Insurance Banking and Finanace Padia, Hasmukh R 2018 Rs 8500.00
Fundamentals of Marketing: Text and Cases Trivedi, Ajay et al 2017 Rs 995.00
Global Dictionary of Marketing Management Krishnamurthi, Kavita 2018 Rs 990.00
Handbook of Marketing Management in 3 Vols Rao, M N 2016 Rs 4950.00
International Marketing and Trade of Quality Food Products Canavari, Maurizio et al eds 2009 EUR 82.00
Marketing Grain and Livestock 2nd edn Stasko 2016 Rs 3995.00
Marketing Logistics 2nd ed (PB) Christopher, Martin & Helen Peck 2018 Rs 795.00
Marketing Management Losarwarr, Suunil & M A Hanwate 2018 Rs 1550.00
Marketing Management: Theorerical and Practical Implications Singh, Ajit et al 2018 Rs 1750.00
Marketing of Housing Finance Murthy, B A Satya 2018 Rs 1195.00
Marketing Sales and Customer Services Juneja, Ram 2018 Rs 1200.00
Marketing: Principles and Management Sherlekar, S A & T K Pany 2018 Rs 1395.00
Principles and Practice of Marketing in India (PB) Mamoria, C B & R L Joshi 2018 Rs 540.00
Sales and Distribution Management Solanki, Kirankumar et al 2017 Rs 795.00
Sales and Marketing Management Sethi, S K 2018 Rs 1450.00
Strategic Marketing Jobanputra, Kuldeep H 2018 Rs 1295.00
Total Quality Management Khandelwal, Neeta 2018 Rs 1795.00
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