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Title Author Year Price  
Companion to Feminism and Postfeminism (PB) Gamble, Sarah 2017 Rs 1395.00
Companion to Literature and Religion Knight, Mark 2016 P 175.00
Companion to World Literature (PB) D`haen, Theo et al 2017 Rs 1395.00
Configurational Coordinates of Women`s Space in Select Novels of Shashi Deshpande Kumar, Ritu 2017 Rs 1200.00
Conrad Aiken: Self and Fiction Pareek, Sarita 2017 Rs 795.00
Contemporary African American Drama: From Cultural Nationalism to the Poetics of Resistance Dakorwala, N K 2017 Rs 995.00
Contemporary Black American Poets and Dramatists: A Spectrum Singh, Ravi Shankar 2017 Rs 850.00
Contemporary Indian Women Novelists in English: New Perspectives Prasad, Amar Nath & Ashish Gupta 2017 Rs 595.00
Cracking into Super Brains with Six Thousnad Supreme Quotes (PB) Mathur, Vivek 2018 Rs 545.00
Critical Handbook of English Literature Kumar, Satendra 2017 Rs 1250.00
Critical Perspectives on Indian English Literature Sharma, Ajay Kumar 2017 Rs 795.00
Critical Perspectives on the Post 1980 Indian Novel in English Raghupathi, K V 2017 Rs 1225.00
Critical Responses to Comparative Literature: A Study in Post Modern Perspective Jain, Sarita et. al. 2017 Rs 1295.00
Critical Review of Writings in English Dubey, Ashutosh 2017 Rs 550.00
Critical Study of Paulo Coelhos Novels Thaker, Mrinalini P 2014 Rs 795.00
Critical Study of Shakespearean Tragedies Bhatt, Dilip et al 2015 Rs 1295.00
Cross Cultural Perspective and Sisterhood in the Fiction of Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni Shrivastava, Priyanka 2017 Rs 800.00
Cultural Insight Towards World Literature: A New Perspective Sharma, Ram & Gunjan Agarwal 2017 Rs 850.00
Cultural Studies Reader: History Theory Practice (PB) Munns, Jessica & Gita Rajan 2017 Rs 1995.00
Culture and Identity in Michael Ondaatje's Fiction Bhosale, Madhuri 2017 Rs 900.00
Dadu aur Dadupanth (Hindi) Roy, Kedarnath 2016 Rs 600.00
Dalit Writing in India: A Critical Evaluation Parmar, Atul Kumar 2015 Rs 895.00
Dardedastan (Hindi) Dubey, Bindu 2016 Rs 600.00
Development in Indian Newspapaers Pahad, Anjali & Shreya Bhavsar 2012 Rs 500.00
Dikshaprakash (Hindi) Upadhyay, Shitala Prasad 2018 Rs 500.00
Eighteenth Century Literature Handbook (PB) Day, Gary & Bridget Keegan 2017 Rs 499.00
Empire Writes Back 2nd ed (PB) Ashcroft, Bill et al 2017 Rs 495.00
Encyclopaedic Biography of World Great Novelists in 5 Vols Chandra, Subhash et al 2018 Rs 11000.00
English Language and Linguistics: A Simplified Approach Paul, D S 2018 Rs 795.00
English Siege and Prison Writings: From the Black Hole to the Mutiny Nayar, Pramod K 2017 Rs 1150.00
Essays on Classical and Marxian Political Economy: Collected Essays IV Hollander, Samuel 2018 Rs 1150.00
Ethos in English Literature Kumar, Satendra 2017 Rs 1250.00
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