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Title Author Year Price  
Agricultural Water Management Wijik, A L M Van & J Wesseling eds 2014 Rs 3295.00
Crop Irrigation Management: Water and Soil Aiken, Corey 2015 $ 120.00
Handbook on Irrigation and Drainage Panigrahi, Balram 2013 Rs 4200.00
Introduction to Soil and Water Conservation Engineering: Surveying Irrigation Drainage and Soil Conservation (PB) Mal, Bimal Chandra 2017 Rs 450.00
Irrigation and Drainage: Sustainable Strategies and Systems Javaid, Muhammad Salik 2017 $ 125.00
Irrigation in India: History and Potentials of Social Management Bagchi, Kathakali S 1995 Rs 275.00
Irrigation Management: Principles and Practices Burton, Martin 2013 Rs 1595.00
Irrigation Water Pricing: The Gap Between Theory and Practice Molle, F & J Berkoff 2007 P 99.95
Irrigation: Principles and Practices 2nd edn Israelsen, O W 2016 Rs 1500.00
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