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Title Author Year Price  
Abandoned: The Dark Reality of Homeless Women Sachdeva, Satinder Kaur 2016 Rs 995.00
Child Hunger and Human Rights: International Governance Apodaca, ¬†Clair 2014 P 24.99
Crimes against Children and their Rights: International and National Laws and Judicial Approach Kumar, Vinod 2016 Rs 2380.00
Dalit and social Justice Prasad, Jaishankar 2017 Rs 1500.00
Dalit Women and Human Rights Prasad, Jaishankar 2016 Rs 1500.00
Dalit Women: Fear and Discrimination Prasad, Jaishankar 2016 Rs 1500.00
Discrimination against Dalit Women Prasad, Jaishankar 2016 Rs 1500.00
Encyclopaedia of Women and Human Rights in 5 Vols Pawar, M R 2016 Rs 7000.00
Gower Handbook Discrimination at Work Wright, Tessa & Hazel Conley 2015 Rs 3995.00
Human Right Law Patel, Hemant K 2016 Rs 995.00
Human Rights and Dignity of Dalit Women Kathode, Deelip K 2017 Rs 895.00
Human Rights in Postcolonial India Dwivedi, Om Prakash & V G Julie Rajan eds 2016 Rs 995.00
Human Rights in Rural India Sinha, Himanshu & Sanjana Mehta 2016 Rs 1150.00
Industry Environment and Consumer Protection in 3 Vols Kumar, Pawan 2015 Rs 2985.00
Issues and Challenges in Human Rights in Contemporary India: A Multi Dimentional Approach in 2 vols Arora, Neelam et al 2016 Rs 4500.00
Jallad: Death Squads and State Terror in South Asia ¬†(PB) Khalil, Tasneem 2016 P 12.99
Judicial Application of Human Rights and Democracy Sen, A K 2017 Rs 1195.00
Prostitution and Beyond: An Analytical View on NGOs Intervention Achchi, Kumudini 2015 Rs 1295.00
Protection of Human Rights through Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) singh, Amit et al 2016 Rs 1850.00
Reflections on the Caste Question: The Dalit Situation in South India (PB) Jacob, T G & P Bandhu 2009 Rs 545.00
Reservation Law and Policy: Past Present and Future Chadha, Anuradha 2016 Rs 2480.00
Right to Information Act and Rural Development Governance Bacharwala, Prakash & Dilip Shah 2017 Rs 1250.00
Social Work and Social Welfare in India Pathak, Anil 2017 Rs 1800.00
Women Empowerrment in Contemporary Perspective Raju, G J Sujnana 2017 Rs 1150.00
Women Law and Human Rights Pawar, M R 2016 Rs 1250.00
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