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Title Author Year Price  
Fundamentals of Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape Gardening Tiwari, A K 2012 Rs 2950.00
Fundamentals of Vegetable Crop Production (PB) Nair, B 2014 Rs 225.00
Fungi: Their Nature and Uses Berkeley, M J ed 2016 Rs 1350.00
Fungicides Weber, Roland et al 2016 $ 150.00
Garden Rescue: First Aid for Plants and Flowers Whittingham, Jo 2013 $ 17.95
Gardening Step by Step: Easy to follow Advice for Great Results Clayton, Phil et al 2011 $ 25.00
Gender Mainstreaming in Farm Sector Mohapatra, Bibhuti P et al 2016 Rs 990.00
Gene Flower from GM Plants Poppy, Guy M & Michael J Wilkinson eds 2005 Rs 2500.00
Genetic and Environmental Manipulation of Horticultural Crops Cockshull, K E et al eds 1998 P 94.50
Genetic Improvement of Vegetable Crops Kalloo, G & Bo Bergh 2013 Rs 5495.00
Genetic Resources of Horticultural Crops Singh, Dharmendra & S Manivannan 2009 Rs 795.00
Genetics Genomics and Breeding of Peppers and Egg plants Kang, Cheorl Byoung & Chittaranjan Kole 2013 P 49.99
Genetics Genomics and Breeding of Stone Fruits Kole, Chittaranjan & Albert G Abbott 2012 P 95.00
Genus Paphiopedilum 2nd ed Braem, Guido J et al 2016 Rs 6500.00
Glaustas Horticulture Muthukumar, P 2013 Rs 410.00
Global Tea Breeding: Achievements Challenges and Perspectives Chen, Liang et al eds 2012 EUR 129.95
Good Management Practices for Horticultural Crops Jatav, M K et al 2016 Rs 3600.00
Grape in India (PB) Pandey, R M & S N Pandey 1996 Rs 30.00
Great Encyclopaedia of Mushrooms Lamaison, Jean Louis & Jean Marie Polese 2005 Rs 2500.00
Growing and Breeding of Potatoes Gilbert, A W et al 2006 Rs 950.00
Growing Bonsai: A Practical Encyclopaedia the Complete Practical Guide to a Classic Art with Essential Techniques Norman, Ken 2010 Rs 595.00
Growing Strawberries Sharma, R R 2002 Rs 800.00
Growing Vegetables Biggs, Tony & Christopher Brickell 2006 P 9.99
Guava (PB) Mitra, S K et al eds 2013 Rs 100.00
Guide on Protected and Open Field Cut Flower Cultivation Jawaharlal, M et al 2016 Rs 2895.00
Guide to Baking Process Radhakrishnan, Sarvepalli 2016 Rs 1099.00
Guide to Cultivated Plants Elzebroek, Ton & Koop Wind 2008 P 120.00
Guidebook for Diseases of Horticultural Crops: Diseases of Fruits Ornamental Plantation Spices Medicinal Forests Chakrabarti, D K et al 2010 Rs 295.00
Habitat Creation and Repair Gilbert, Oliver L & Penny Anderson 1998 P 27.50
Hand Book of Agro Based Industry Sharma, Vijay Kumar 2016 Rs 1175.00
Handbook for Vegetable Growers 5th edn Maynard, Donald N & George J Hochmuth 2007 $ 94.95
Handbook of Cytology Histology and Histochemistry of Fruit Tree Diseases Biggs, Alan R ed 1993 $ 210.00
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