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Title Author Year Price  
Fundamentals of Vegetable Crop Production (PB) Nair, B 2014 Rs 225.00
Fungicides Weber, Roland et al 2016 $ 150.00
Garden Flowers (PB) Swarup, Vishnu 2015 Rs 175.00
Gardens (PB) Futehally, Laeeq 2013 Rs 60.00
Gender Mainstreaming in Farm Sector Mohapatra, Bibhuti P et al 2016 Rs 990.00
Gene Flower from GM Plants Poppy, Guy M & Michael J Wilkinson eds 2005 Rs 2500.00
Genesis and Evolution of Horticultural Crops Vol 1 Peter, K V ed 2017 P 80.00
Genetic and Environmental Manipulation of Horticultural Crops Cockshull, K E et al eds 1998 P 99.95
Genetic Resources of Horticultural Crops Singh, Dharmendra & S Manivannan 2009 Rs 795.00
Gharelu Bagvani Kaise Kare (How to Do Home Gardening) Mishr, Jay Shankar 2017 Rs 500.00
Glaustas Horticulture 2nd edn (PB) Muthukumar, P & R Selvakumar 2017 Rs 480.00
Global Tea Breeding: Achievements Challenges and Perspectives Chen, Liang et al eds 2012 EUR 129.95
Good Management Practices for Horticultural Crops Jatav, M K et al 2016 Rs 3950.00
Grape in India (PB) Pandey, R M & S N Pandey 1996 Rs 30.00
Great Encyclopaedia of Mushrooms Lamaison, Jean Louis & Jean Marie Polese 2005 Rs 2500.00
Greenhouse Management for Horticultural Crops 2nd edn Prasad, S & U Kumar 2015 Rs 2500.00
Growing and Breeding of Potatoes Mekala, Sunil 2016 Rs 1695.00
Growing Orchids: Successful Gardening Indoors and Out (PB) Brian & Wilma Rittershausen 2014 Rs 450.00
Growing Strawberries Sharma, R R 2002 Rs 800.00
Growing Vegetables Biggs, Tony & Christopher Brickell 2006 P 9.99
Guava Singh, Gorakh 2013 Rs 1500.00
Guava (PB) Mitra, S K et al eds 2013 Rs 100.00
Guide on Protected and Open Field Cut Flower Cultivation Jawaharlal, M et al 2016 Rs 3895.00
Habitat Creation and Repair Gilbert, Oliver L & Penny Anderson 1998 P 27.50
Handbook for Vegetable Growers 5th edn (PB) Maynard, Donald N & George J Hochmuth 2007 $ 110.95
Handbook of Cytology Histology and Histochemistry of Fruit Tree Diseases Biggs, Alan R ed 1993 $ 210.00
Handbook of Environmental Physiology of Fruit Crops Vol-1: Temperate Crops Schaffer, B & P C Andersen 2015 Rs 4495.00
Handbook of Fruit and Vegetable Flavors Hui, Y H et al eds 2017 Rs 6995.00
Handbook of Fruit Science and Technology: Production Composition Storage and Processing Salunkhe & Kadam, Salunkhe, D K & S S Kadam eds 2005 Rs 2995.00
Handbook of Horticulture Chadha, Kusum Lata 2015 Rs 1500.00
Handbook of Mushroom Cultivation Processing and Packaging EIRI 2006 Rs 550.00
Handbook of Organic Food Safety and Quality Singh, Pradip 2018 Rs 2100.00
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