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Title Author Year Price  
Sufism in India: Harmonising Socio-Cultural Worldview Hussain, Meher Fatima 2017 Rs 900.00
Thiri Rama: Finding Ramayana in Myanmar Rooney, Dawn F 2017 Rs 1595.00
Towards an Unknown Marx: A Commentary on the Manuscripts of 1861-63 (PB) Dussel, Eneique 2018 Rs 850.00
Uttar Madhyakalin Jain Pothi Chitran mein Rishabhdev ki Rupabhivyanjana (Hindi) Mishra, Shardul 2016 Rs 3500.00
Varanasi ke Mandiro mein Ankit Niraty Murtiya (Hindi) Kumar, Santosh 2016 Rs 1100.00
Veer Shiromani Maharana Pratap Mandot, Mishri Lal 2017 Rs 450.00
Vestiges of Old Madras 1640-1800 Love, Henry Davison 2017 Rs 1840.00
Visual Art of Northeast India: A Collection of Opus Goswami, Meghali 2017 Rs 2500.00
Wars of the Rajas Being the History of Anantapuram Written in Telugu in or about the Years 1750-1810 Brown, Charles Philip 2017 Rs 350.00
Worldwide Depression 1929-1939 Rothermund, Dietmar 2016 Rs 795.00
Writing Contemporary History (PB) Gildea, Robert & Anne Simonin 2017 Rs 499.00
Writing Gender History 2nd edn (PB) Downs, Laura Lee 2017 Rs 499.00
Writing History: Theory and Practice 2nd edn (PB) Berger, Stefan et al 2017 Rs 799.00
Writing Material Culture History (PB) Gerritsen, Anne & Giorgio Riello 2017 Rs 699.00
Writing Postcolonial History (PB) Majumdar, Rochona 2017 Rs 399.00
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