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Title Author Year Price  
Dalit Movement in India: Role of Dr B R Ambedkar Prasad, Jaishankar 2016 Rs 1500.00
Desabhakta The Colossus : A Study of Eminent Freedom Fighter Reddy, D Venkateswara 2015 Rs 650.00
Devdasis in South India: A Journey from Sacred to a Profane Spaces Jeevanandam, S & Rekha Pande 2017 Rs 1225.00
Dictionary of History Mathur, Supriya 2005 Rs 395.00
Early Buddhist Monachism Dutt, Sukumar 2016 Rs 495.00
Empiricism and History: Theory & History (PB) Davies, Stephen 2016 Rs 595.00
Empowerment of Dalit Women Prasad, Jaishankar 2016 Rs 1500.00
Encyclopedia of Indian History in 3 Vols. Patel, Mukesh K 2018 Rs 5550.00
Gender and History: Theory and History (PB) Kent, Susan Kingsley 2016 Rs 595.00
Gender and Radical Politics in India: Magic Moments of Naxalbari 1967-1975 Roy, Mallarika Sinha 2015 Rs 695.00
Haryana ka Itihas: Prachin Kaal se Aadhunik Kaal tak (Hindi) Ahmed, Ejaz 2016 Rs 795.00
History and Principles of Plant Pathology Tiwari, Rajshri 2016 Rs 1195.00
History of Ancient Civilization Seignobos, Charles 2009 Rs 900.00
History of Aryan Rule in India: From the Earliest Times to the Death of Akbar Havell, E B 2016 Rs 1995.00
History of Communal Harmony in India Bobade, Bhujang Ramrao & Omshiva Ligade 2017 Rs 1250.00
History of Freedom Struggle Kumar, S 2017 Rs 1095.00
History of India's Freedom: Struggle Overseas 1905-1921 in 2 Vols Sareen, Tilak Raj 2013 Rs 1750.00
History of Indian Communities and Trades Bobade, Bhujang Ramrao & Omshiva Ligade 2017 Rs 2000.00
History of Indian Education Bobade, Bhujang Ramrao & Omshiva Ligade 2017 Rs 1650.00
History of Logic Piet, John H & Ayodhya Prasad eds 2000 Rs 895.00
History of Modern India Pruthi, Raj Kumar 2005 Rs 695.00
History of Mughal India Dubey, Shashikant 2016 Rs 995.00
History of Orissa: From the Earliest Times to the British Period in 2 Vols Banerji, R D 2016 Rs 3200.00
History of Sociological Thought Eqbal, Afroze 2017 Rs 1800.00
History of the Assam Rifles Shakespear, L W 1983 Rs 225.00
History of the Freedom Movement 4 Vols in 5 Parts Board of Editors 2004 Rs 4800.00
History of Western Philosophy Prabhakar, D N 2016 Rs 1350.00
Imperial Rome Indian Ocean Regions and Muziris: New Perspectives on Maritime Trade Mathew, K S 2015 Rs 1695.00
In Search of Stability: Economics of Money History of the Rupee Sivramkrishna, Sashi 2015 Rs 1495.00
India after Independence Sharma, Alka 2017 Rs 1695.00
India and China: A Study of Cultural Relations Panikkar, K M 2016 Rs 395.00
Intersections in Sociology Art and Art History: A Conversation with Parul Dave Mukherji (PB) Pathak, Dev Nath 2016 Rs 125.00
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