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Title Author Year Price  
Empire Writes Back 2nd ed (PB) Ashcroft, Bill et al 2017 Rs 495.00
Encyclopaedia of Dr B R Ambedkar in 5 Vols Mishra, Mahendra Kumar 2015 Rs 20000.00
Encyclopedia of Indian History in 3 Vols. Patel, Mukesh K 2018 Rs 5550.00
English Revolution 1640 (PB) Hill, Christopher 2017 Rs 150.00
English Siege and Prison Writings: From the Black Hole to the Mutiny Nayar, Pramod K 2017 Rs 1150.00
Essays in Sikh History Grewal, J S 2017 Rs 1050.00
Feudal Society in 2 Vols Bloch, Marc 2017 Rs 895.00
Fifty Key Thinkers on History 2nd edn (PB) Warrington, Marnie Hughes 2017 Rs 895.00
Four Central Theories of the Market Economy: Conception Evolution and Application Rassekh, Farhad 2017 P 110.00
Gandhi and Nehru: Reflections Through Letters Mishra, Anil Dutta 2017 Rs 600.00
Gender Sexuality Reader (PB) Lancaster, Roger N & Micaela di Leonardo 2017 Rs 1995.00
Give Me Liberty: An American History 5th ed (PB) Foner, Eric 2017 $ 75.00
Global History Reader (PB) Mazlish, Bruce & Akira Iriye 2017 Rs 1595.00
Goddess Traditions in Tantric Hinduism: History Practice and Doctrine Olesen, Bjarne Wernicke 2016 P 110.00
Gupt Samrajya ka Itihas evam Sanskrit (Hindi) Aryan, Jaya Kumari 2016 Rs 650.00
Gupta Coins: A Cultural Study Bhardwaj, Ranjana 2017 Rs 1180.00
Hampi Ruins: Described and Illustarted Longhurst, A H 2010 Rs 495.00
Hindu Nationalism History and Identity in India: Narrating a Hindu Past under the BJP Flaten, Lars Tore 2017 P 110.00
Historial and Constitutional Documents of North Eastern India Bose, M L 2017 Rs 1200.00
Historians and Historiography: During the Reign of Akbar Mukhia, Harbans 2017 Rs 595.00
Historical Monuments of India Arora, S R 2018 Rs 995.00
History and Contribution of the Zamindars in Visakhapatnam Region AD 1611-1949 Kumari, Anjani 2017 Rs 485.00
History and Culture of Tamil Nadu Vol 2: c1310 to c1885 AD (PB) Madhavan, Chithra 2017 Rs 400.00
History and Philosophy of Social Work Sonkamble, Ramesh M 2017 Rs 1725.00
History of Economic Thought Singh, Pragya 2018 Rs 1150.00
History of Modern India in 3 Vols Pruthi, R K ed 2017 Rs 3000.00
History of Southeast Asia Singh, Pragya 2018 Rs 1095.00
History of the Indian Army Rao, K L 2016 Rs 1495.00
History of the Jats Qanungo, Kalika Ranjan 2017 Rs 1180.00
History of the Six Revolutionaries of Bihar: Escaped from Hazaribagh Jail Verma, Jawahar Lal 2017 Rs 500.00
History Reconstructed: Through Literature Ranawat, Rajshree 2017 Rs 1000.00
Holy Sinners: Search of Kashmir Tripathi, Saras 2015 Rs 995.00
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