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Molecular Marker Systems in Plant Breeding and Crop Improvement: Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry Vol 55 Lorz, H & G Wenzel 2018 Rs 3495.00
Multifunctional Agroforestry: Ecosystem Services in 2 Vols Parthiban, K T et al 2019 Rs 9995.00
Northern Forested Wetlands: Ecology and Management Trettin, Carl C et al eds 1997 P 161.00
Nursery and Plantation Practices in Forestry 2nd edn Kumar, Vinod 2015 Rs 2450.00
Objective Agriculture Includes Previous Years Questions of JRF Exam 19th edn (PB) Kantwa, S R 2018 Rs 420.00
Objective Forestry for All Competitive Examination 2nd edn (PB) Parthiban, K T et al 2016 Rs 360.00
Objective Forestry Question Bank for UPSC ASRB NET ARS SRF JRF SFS 2nd ed (PB) Kumar, P & V Saravanan 2017 Rs 295.00
Origin and Evolution of Tropical Rain Forests Morley, Robert J 2000 $ 455.00
Pictorial Field Guide to Brids of India: Pakistan Nepal Bhutan Sri Lanka and Bangladesh (PB) Grewal, Bikram et al 2016 Rs 1500.00
Plantation and Agroforestry: Pulpwood Value Chain Approach Parthiban, K T & R Seenivasan 2017 Rs 3650.00
Portrait of a Woodland: Biodiversity in Fourty Acres Bedoyere, Charlotte de la 2004 P 25.00
Practical Manual on Agroforestry Dadhwal, K S et al 2014 Rs 3295.00
Practical Manual on Plantation Forestry Panwar, Pankaj 2006 Rs 595.00
Practice of Silviculture: Applied Forest Ecology 9th edn (PB) Smith, David M et al 2018 Rs 1195.00
Preservation of Structural Forest Timbers Wiess, Howard F 2008 Rs 2500.00
Principles and Practice of Silviculture Khanna, L S 2017 Rs 1495.00
Principles of Forest Pathology (PB) Tainter, F H & F A Baker 2014 Rs 1595.00
Purple Leaf Plums Jacobson, Arthur Lee 1992 $ 27.95
Question Bank of Forestry (PB) Kumar, Vikas & T. K. Kunhamu 2015 Rs 795.00
Question Bank on Forestry: Competitive Examinations (PB) Kumar, Vikas 2016 Rs 450.00
Rainforests Harvey, Haisong 2002 $ 28.70
Remote Sensing for Sustainable Forest Management Franklin, Steven E 2011 Rs 1995.00
Resource Physiology of Conifers: Acquistion Allocation and Utlisation Smith, William K & Thomas M Hinckley eds 1995 $ 146.00
Riparian Management in Forests of the Continental Eastern United States Verry, Elon S et al eds 2000 P 89.00
Samajik Vaaniki (Hindi) Sagwal, S S 2012 Rs 495.00
Silviculture of Useful Trees Khanna, L S 2013 Rs 1395.00
Sou Upyogi Vraksho ka Vanvardhan: Silviculture of 100 Useful Trees (Hindi) Khanna, Lakshman Singh 2009 Rs 1095.00
Stomata 2nd edn (PB) Willmer, Colin & Mark Fricker 1996 EUR 149.99
Study in Forestry Extension Ray, G L et al 1996 Rs 200.00
Sustainable Forest Management: Case Studies Garcia, Jorge Martin & Julio Javier Diez Casero 2017 $ 104.95
Sustainable Forestry from Monitoring and Modelling to Knowledge Management and Policy Science Reynolds, K M et al eds 2007 P 110.00
Systems in Timber Engineering Kolb, Josef 2008 EUR 69.90
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