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Resource Physiology of Conifers: Acquistion Allocation and Utlisation Smith, William K & Thomas M Hinckley eds 1995 $ 146.00
Riparian Management in Forests of the Continental Eastern United States Verry, Elon S et al eds 2000 P 89.00
Stomata 2nd edn (PB) Willmer, Colin & Mark Fricker 1996 EUR 149.99
Study in Forestry Extension Ray, G L et al 1996 Rs 200.00
Sustainable Forest Management: Case Studies Garcia, Jorge Martin & Julio Javier Diez Casero 2017 $ 104.95
Sustainable Forestry from Monitoring and Modelling to Knowledge Management and Policy Science Reynolds, K M et al eds 2007 P 110.00
Systems in Timber Engineering Kolb, Josef 2008 EUR 69.90
Technology of Forest Nurseries Chaturvedi, A. N. 1994 Rs 495.00
Textbook of Agroforestry (PB) Chundawat, B S 2017 Rs 275.00
Textbook of Forest Engineering Koppad, A G 2011 Rs 300.00
Textbook of Silviculture Dwivedi, A P 2000 Rs 995.00
Textbook on Forest Management Jerram, M R K 2006 Rs 650.00
Textbook on Forest Management in Agriculture Horticulture and Forestry Roy, B K 2017 Rs 850.00
Textbook on Forest Management: In Agriculture Horticulture and Forestry Jerram, M R K 0 Rs 450.00
Timber Production and Biodiversity Conservation in Tropical Rainforest Johns, Andrew Grieser 1997 P 55.00
Trees: An Illustrated Identifier and Encyclopaedia Russell, Tony & Catherine Cutler 2007 Rs 1200.00
Wetlands of Bottomland Hardwood Forests Clark, J R & J Benforado eds 1981 DFL 299.00
Wildlife and Ground Flora: An Interaction Scenario of Forests of Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri Chaudhuri, A B & D D Sarkar 2003 Rs 595.00
Wildlife Conservation in Managed Woodlands and Forests 2nd edn Harris, Esmond & Jeanette Harris 1997 Rs 1500.00
Wonders of the Indian Wilderness Bharucha, Erach 0 Rs 5995.00
Wood Modification: Chemical Thermal and Other Processes Hill, Callum A S 2006 $ 187.00
Wood Quality and its Biological Basis Barnett, John R & George Jeronimidis eds 2003 $ 220.00
Woody Brush Control Gangstad, Edward O ed 1989 P 290.00
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