Food Processing

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Fatty Acids in Foods and their Health Implications 3rd edn Chow, Ching Kuang 2017 Rs 7995.00
Fatty Acids: Physiological and Behavioural Functions Mostofsky, David I et al eds 2001 EUR 219.99
Fermentation and Food Safety Adams, Martin R & M J Robert Nout 2008 Rs 2095.00
Fermentation Microbiology and Biotechnology 3rd edn (PB) Mansi, E M T El et al eds 2012 Rs 995.00
Flavoprotein Protocols (PB) Chapman, Stephen K & Graeme A Reid eds 1999 EUR 154.99
Flavour Science: Recent Advances and Trends Bredie, W L P & M A Petersen eds 2006 $ 235.00
Flavours and Fragrances Swift, Karl A D ed 1997 P 160.00
Flour and Breads and their Fortification in the Health and Disease Prevention Preedy, Victor R et al eds 2014 Rs 4495.00
Fluorescence Analysis in Foods Munck, Lars ed 1989 Rs 500.00
Food Alert: The Ultimate Sourcebook for Food Safety (PB) Satin, Morton 1999 $ 14.95
Food Allergy Maleki, Soheila J et al eds 2006 $ 115.95
Food and Free Radicals Hiramatsu, Midori et al eds 1997 EUR 154.95
Food and Nutritional Toxicology Omaye, Stanley T 2017 Rs 2495.00
Food Antioxifants: Technological Toxicological and Health Perspectives Madhavi, D L et al 2017 Rs 4995.00
Food Associated Pathogens Tham, Wilhelm & M L D Tham eds 2014 P 88.00
Food Biodeterioration and Preservation Tucker, Gary S ed 2013 Rs 4995.00
Food Biopreservation: Analytical Techniques Ghanbari, Mahdi & Jami, Mansooreh et al 2017 P 120.00
Food Biotechnology Bielecki, Stanislaw et al eds 2018 Rs 3995.00
Food Biotechnology: Principles and Practices Joshi, V K & R S Singh eds 2012 Rs 3495.00
Food Chemistry: A Laboratory Manual (PB) Miller, D D 2014 Rs 895.00
Food Colloids Bee, R D et al 1989 P 59.50
Food Colorants: Chemical and Functional Properties Socaciu, Carmen ed 2016 Rs 4495.00
Food Consumption and Disease Risk: Consumer Pathogen Interactions Potter, Moris ed 2006 $ 270.00
Food Economics: Industry and Markets (PB) Hansen, Henning Otte 2016 Rs 1195.00
Food Encyclopaedia: Over 8000 Ingredients Tools Techniques and People Rolland, Jacques L & Carol Sherman 2006 $ 49.95
Food Engineering and Technology: A Practice Book (PB) Sharma, H K 2015 Rs 950.00
Food Engineering Aspects of Baking Sweet Goods Sumnu, Servet Gulum & Serpil Sahin 2017 Rs 2495.00
Food Enrichment with Omega-3 Fatty Acids Jacobsen, Charlotte et al eds 2013 $ 250.00
Food Flavour Technology 2nd edn Taylor, Andrew J ed 2014 Rs 4495.00
Food for the Ageing Population Raats, Monique et al eds 2009 $ 345.00
Food Fundamentals 10th edn (PB) Mcwilliams, Margaret 2016 Rs 895.00
Food Handbook Catsberg, C M E & G J M K V Dommelen 2018 Rs 2495.00
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