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Title Author Year Price  
Handbook of Marine Natural Products in 2 Vols Fattorusso, Ernesto 2019 Rs 7995.00
Handbook of the Common Crayfish Huxley, T H 2006 Rs 950.00
Handbook of Tropical Fish: Caring for Your Aquarium (PB) Goodwin, David 2005 P 9.99
Handbook on Ingredients for Aquaculture Feeds (PB) Hertrampf, J W & F Piedad-Pascual 2008 Rs 1695.00
Health Food From Ocean Animals Gopakumar, K & B Gopakumar 2019 Rs 3295.00
History of Fishes: A Complete Known Account of Fishes 3rd edn Norman, J R 2007 Rs 950.00
History of the Coelacanth Fishes Forey, Peter L 1998 EUR 240.00
Ichthyology 2nd edn (PB) Lagler et al 2012 Rs 789.00
Identification of Marine Mammals of India Jayasankar, P & B Anoop 2010 Rs 1895.00
Illustrated Multilingual Guide to the Worlds Commercial Coldwater Fish Frimodt, Claus 1995 P 154.95
Influences of Forest and Rangeland Management on Salmonid Fishes and their Habitats Meehan, William R ed 1991 $ 81.00
Inland Fisheries: Conservation and Processing Agarwal, S C 2018 Rs 4295.00
Integrated Coastal Area Management and Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries FAO 1998 Rs 500.00
Intrazooplankton Predation Dumont, H J et al eds 1990 EUR 261.67
Introduction to Fish Migration Morais, Pedro & Fransoise Daverat 2016 P 91.99
Introduction to Marine Phytoplankton Mitra, Abhijit et al 2006 Rs 1895.00
Introduction to the Study of Freshwater Biology Brooks, John Langdon 2011 Rs 850.00
Knowledge Base for Fisheries Management Motos, Lorenzo & Douglas Clyde Wilson ed 2013 Rs 2995.00
Legacy of Tethys: An Aquatic Biogeography of the Levant Por, Francis D 1989 P 112.95
Limnology Tundisi, Jose Galizia & T M Tundisi 2012 P 160.00
Limnology 2nd edn Welch, P S 2010 Rs 3295.00
Machliyon mein Rog Prabandhan (PB) (Hindi) Chitranshi, Virat Raman 2016 Rs 250.00
Magna Field Guide Freshwater Fish Cihar, Jiri 1990 Rs 1500.00
Management Issues in Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture Sharma, A P et al eds 2012 Rs 1895.00
Management of Freshwater Fisheries Arrignon, Jacques 1999 Rs 550.00
Manual of Aquatic Sediment Sampling Mudroch, Alena & J M Azcue 1995 P 150.00
Manual of Bioassessment of Aquatic Sediment Quality Mudroch, Alena et al eds 1999 P 150.00
Manual of Freshwater Biota Munshi, Jayashree Datta et al 2010 Rs 4295.00
Marine Capture Fisheries Singh, Praveen Kumar 2012 Rs 850.00
Marine Clastic Reservoirs Examples and Analogues Rhodes, E G & T F Moslow 1993 DM 158.00
Marine Cosmeceuticals: Trends and Prospects Kim, Se Kwon ed 2016 Rs 3995.00
Marine Electrochemistry: A Practical Introduction Whitfield, M & D Jagner eds 1981 $ 275.00
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