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Title Author Year Price  
Geomagnetism in Marine Geology Vacquier, V 1972 DFL 150.00
Glossary of Extension Education: Veterinary Agriculture and Fisheries Science Meena, H R 2013 Rs 1595.00
Goldfish: Keeping and Breeding in Captivity Glass, Spencer 1998 Rs 500.00
Great White Sharks: The Biology of Carcharodon Carcharias (PB) Klimley, A Peter & David G Ainley eds 1996 $ 103.00
Guide to Reptiles and Fishes Gunther, A 1996 Rs 300.00
Guide to the Fossil Reptiles Amphibians and Fishes Gunther, Albert 2006 Rs 450.00
Handbook of Aquatic Insects Gulati, Praveen 2012 Rs 850.00
Handbook of Fish Farming 2nd edn Agarwal, S C 2015 Rs 1995.00
Handbook of Fish Farming and Fishery Products (PB) EIRI 2007 Rs 650.00
Handbook of Fisheries and Aquaculture ICAR 2017 Rs 1500.00
Handbook of Fisheries Management Krishna Chandra, Badapanda 2014 Rs 2295.00
Handbook of Freshwater Fishery Biology in 3 Vols Carlander, Kenneth D 2014 Rs 9995.00
Handbook of Freshwater Fishes of India: Giving the Characteristic Peculiarities of All the Species at Present Known Beavan, Captain R 2006 Rs 850.00
Handbook of Marine Mineral Deposits Cronan, David S ed 2000 P 184.00
Handbook of Shrimp Farming Tandel, Ritesh J & Ansari Ekhalak 2018 Rs 695.00
Handbook of the Common Crayfish Huxley, T H 2006 Rs 950.00
Handbook of the Freshwater Fishes of India Beavan, Captain R 2018 Rs 565.00
Handbook of Tropical Fish: Caring for Your Aquarium (PB) Goodwin, David 2005 P 9.99
Handbook on Ingredients for Aquaculture Feeds (PB) Hertrampf, J W & F Piedad-Pascual 2008 Rs 1695.00
Hermit Crabs of the Northeastern Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea: An Illustrated Key Ingle, Ray 1992 EUR 399.00
History of Fishes: A Complete Known Account of Fishes 3rd edn Norman, J R 2007 Rs 950.00
History of the Coelacanth Fishes Forey, Peter L 1998 EUR 240.00
Ichthyology 2nd edn (PB) Lagler et al 2012 Rs 749.00
Illustrated Multilingual Guide to the Worlds Commercial Coldwater Fish Frimodt, Claus 1995 P 154.95
Indian Deep sea Fishes in the Indian Museum Alcock, A 2018 Rs 1295.00
Indian Estuaries Bhaumik, Utpal et al 2015 Rs 1095.00
Indian Fisheries Malti 2017 Rs 500.00
Influences of Forest and Rangeland Management on Salmonid Fishes and their Habitats Meehan, William R ed 1991 $ 81.00
Inland Fisheries: Conservation and Processing Agarwal, S C 2018 Rs 4595.00
Integrated Coastal Area Management and Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries FAO 1998 Rs 500.00
Intrazooplankton Predation Dumont, H J et al eds 1990 EUR 229.00
Introduction to Fish Migration Morais, Pedro & Fransoise Daverat 2016 P 82.00
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