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Aquarium Owner's Manual Sandford, Gina 1999 $ 25.00
Aquatic Biodiversity Bruce, Colker 2016 Rs 1595.00
Aquatic Ecosystems: Interactivity of Dissolved Organic Matte r Findlay, Stuart E & Robert L Sinsabaugh 2003 $ 141.00
Aquatic Entomology (PB) Lancaster, Jill & Robert A Briers eds 2014 P 37.50
Aquatic Functional Biodiversity: An Ecological and Evolutionary Perspective (PB) Belgrano, Andrea et al 2015 $ 79.95
Assessment Methodologies and Management Sakagawa, Gary T 2014 Rs 550.00
Assessment Methodologies and Management: Proceedings of the World Fisheries Congress Theme 5 Sakagawa, Gary t 2014 Rs 450.00
Assessments and Decisions: A Study of Information Gatheringby Hermit Crabs Elwood, R W & S J Neil 1992 EUR 218.00
Atlantic Salmon: An Illustrated Natural History Sutterby, Roderick & Malcolm Greenhalgh 2005 $ 39.95
Automation in the Design and Manufacture of Large Marine Systems Chryssostomidis, Chryssostomos 1990 P 66.00
Bacterial Diseases of Fish Glis, Valerie et al eds 2013 Rs 995.00
Basic Marine Biology Fincham, A A 1984 P 9.50
Basics of Fisheries Science: Fisheries Biology Vol. 2 Badapanda, K C 2012 Rs 1695.00
Basics of Fisheries Science: Vol. 3 Fishing Craft and Gear Technology Badapanda, K C 2012 Rs 1295.00
Basics of Fisheries Science: Vol. 4 Fish Processing and Preventive Technology Badapanda, K C 2012 Rs 1295.00
Basics of Fisheries Science: Vol. 5 Fisheries Economics and Administration Badapanda, K C 2012 Rs 1295.00
Behaviour of Fishes Shukla, Arvind N 2009 Rs 1300.00
Bioeconomics of Fisheries Management Anderson, Lee G 2015 Rs 4495.00
Biotechnology and Genetics in Fisheries and Aquaculture Datt, Gurucharan 2016 Rs 3000.00
British and Other Freshwater Ciliated Protozoa Part 1: Ciliophora: Kinetofragminophora (PB) Curds, Colin R 1982 P 15.00
British Fresh Water Fishes Houghton, Rev W 1981 $ 35.00
British Plant Communities Vol 4: Aquatic Communities Swampsand Tall Herb Fens Rodwell, J S ed 1995 P 70.00
Catalogue of the Fishes in the British Museum in 8 Vols Gunther, Albert 1981 Rs 5000.00
Climate Change and Water Security: Impacts Future Scenarios Adaptations and Mitigations Kibria, Golam et al 2016 Rs 3995.00
Coarse and Game Fishing Prichard, Michael 1990 Rs 620.00
Coastal Fisheries and Aquaculture Management in 2 Vols Gopakumar, K & A D Diwan 2011 Rs 9995.00
Coastal Fishery Projects: Construction Maintenance and Development Tokyo 0 Rs 775.00
Coastal Marine Conservation: Science and Policy Ray, G Carleton & J M Ray 2004 $ 126.95
Commercialisation of Biotechnologies For Agriculture and Aquaculture Srivastava, U K 0 Rs 495.00
Commons in a Cold Climate: Coastal Fisheries and Reindeer Pastoralism in North Norway The Comanagement Approach Jentoft, S ed 1998 $ 169.95
Comparative Anatomy of the Alimentary Canal of Common Freshwater Fishes and their Food and Feeding Habits Nath, Surendra et al 2014 Rs 1895.00
Complete Book On Fish Genetics and Aquatic Environment Malik, Ahtesham 2017 Rs 2250.00
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