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Biotechnology of Penaeid Shrimps: Perspectives on Physiology of Growth Reproduction and Disease Therapeutics Diwan, A D 2018 Rs 4495.00
British and Other Freshwater Ciliated Protozoa Part 1: Ciliophora: Kinetofragminophora (PB) Curds, Colin R 1982 P 15.00
British Fresh Water Fishes Houghton, Rev W 1981 $ 35.00
British Plant Communities Vol 4: Aquatic Communities Swampsand Tall Herb Fens Rodwell, J S ed 1995 P 70.00
Catfishes of India Jayaram, K C 2006 Rs 4695.00
Climate Change and Water Security: Impacts Future Scenarios Adaptations and Mitigations Kibria, Golam et al 2016 Rs 3995.00
Coarse and Game Fishing Prichard, Michael 1990 Rs 620.00
Coastal Fisheries and Aquaculture Management in 2 Vols Gopakumar, K & A D Diwan 2011 Rs 12995.00
Cold Water Aquaculture and Fisheries Singh, H R & W S Lakra eds 2000 Rs 3895.00
Commons in a Cold Climate: Coastal Fisheries and Reindeer Pastoralism in North Norway The Comanagement Approach Jentoft, S ed 1998 $ 169.95
Comparative Anatomy of the Alimentary Canal of Common Freshwater Fishes and their Food and Feeding Habits Nath, Surendra et al 2014 Rs 2895.00
Complete Guide to Fishing: The Fish The Tackle and The Techniques Baileys, John 2001 P 12.99
Complete Illustrated World Guide to Freshwater Fish and River Creatures: A Natural History and Identification Guide (PB) Gilpin, Daniel 2009 $ 22.99
Complete Practical Guide and Fish Identifier Aquariums and Aquarium Fish Bailey, Mary & Gina Sandford 2015 P 16.99
Convenience Products from Fish (PB) Gopal, T K Srinivasa et al 2008 Rs 100.00
Cryopreservation and Spermatology in Fishes Betsy, C Judith et al 2017 Rs 2895.00
Culture of Salmonid Fishes Stickney, Robert R 1991 Rs 2495.00
Deep Sea Fishing in India: From Trawler to Table Rao, U Shanker 2012 Rs 950.00
Developments in Marine Corrosion Campbell, S A et al eds 1998 P 140.00
Diseases and Disorders of Finfish and Cage Culture Woo, P T K et al eds 2002 P 125.00
Diseases and Disorders of Finfish in Cage Culture 2nd edn Woo, P T K & David W Bruno eds 2014 P 125.00
Early Life History of Fish: An Energetics Approach Kamler, Ewa 2015 EUR 252.00
Ecological and Environmental Physiology of Fishes Eddy, F Brian & Richard D Handy 2015 Rs 995.00
Ecological Aquaculture: The Evolution of the Blue Revolution Pierce, Barry A Costa, 2014 Rs 3595.00
Ecological Health of Indian Sundarbans and Its Management Mitra, Abhijit et al 2016 Rs 2495.00
Ecology and Management of Atlantic Salmon Mills, Derek 1989 EUR 194.99
Economic Zoology: Apiculture Sericulture and Aquaculture Kamal et al, Jaiswal 2014 Rs 3695.00
Ecosystem Approach to Marine Planning and Management (PB) Kidd, Sue et al eds 2011 P 34.99
Ecosystem Approaches in Fisheries: A Global Perspective Christensen, Villy & Jay Maclean 2013 Rs 695.00
Ecosystem Based Management of Marine Fisheries Singh, Praveen Kumar 2012 Rs 850.00
Encyclopaedia of Angling Cacutt, Lan ed 1985 P 12.95
Encyclopaedia of Animals: Reptiles Amphibians and Fishes Cogger, Harold G et al eds 2004 P 25.00
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