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Title Author Year Price  
Advances in Carpet Manufacture Goswami, K K 2009 $ 260.00
Complete Technology of Nonwovens: Fabrics Carry Bags Composi te Geotextiles Medical Textiles Fibres Felts Apparels EIRI 2014 Rs 1175.00
Cotton Fibres: Developmental Biology Quality Improvement and Textile Processing Basra, Amarjit S ed 2002 Rs 995.00
Electrospinning of Nanofibers in Textiles Haghi, A K 2012 P 109.00
Engineering Apparel Fabrics and Garments Fan, J & L Hunter 2009 $ 280.00
Ganga to Mekong: A Cultural Voyage Through Textiles Devare, Hema 2016 Rs 2995.00
Handbook of Garments Manufacturing Technology (PB) EIRI 2007 Rs 900.00
Handbook of Textile Fibre Structure Vol 2: Natural Regenerated Inorganic and Specialist Fibres Eichhorn, S et al 2009 $ 305.00
Home Textiles Kapoor, Hemant & Aashima Arora 2012 Rs 695.00
Indian Textiles: Past and Present Ghosh, G K & Shukla Ghosh 2017 Rs 895.00
Liberalisation and Indian Textile Industry: Assessing Growth Productivity and Technology Kasi, S & P Balamuragan 2015 Rs 950.00
Technology of Textiles: Spinning and Weaving Dyeing ScouringDrying Printing and Bleaching EIRI 2004 Rs 900.00
Textbook of Fabric Science Jain, Tanya 2017 Rs 1295.00
Textile Processing Chemicals Enzymes Dye Fixing Agents and Other Finishes Panda, Himadri 2016 Rs 1275.00
Textile Technology Mahapatra, N N 2015 Rs 1495.00
Textile Testing Jewel, Raul 2017 Rs 695.00
Vastra Vigyan Evam Dhulai Karya Tripathi, Kamla 2017 Rs 800.00
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