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Title Author Year Price  
Pest and Disease Management Handbook Shahzada, M Z 2019 Rs 1995.00
Pest Control in Gardening Plants (PB) Aggarwal, B S 2016 Rs 395.00
Pests of Vegetables: Bionomics & Management Laskar, Nripendra et al 2015 Rs 3850.00
Pheromones of Non Leipdopteran Insects Associated with Agricultural Plants Hardie, Jim & Albert K Minks eds 1999 P 140.00
Physician's Guide to Arthropods of Medical Importance 6th edn 20th Year Edn Goddard, Jerome 2013 P 115.00
Principles of Applied Entomology (PB) Ragumoorthi, K N et al eds 2012 Rs 220.00
Principles of Entomology: Basic and Applied Kachhwaha, N 2017 Rs 2500.00
Principles of Insect Behaviour 2nd ed (PB) Awasthi, V B 2013 Rs 350.00
Principles of Insect Behaviour 2nd revised and enlarged edn Awasthi, Vidya Bhushan 2013 Rs 1550.00
Principles of Insect Morphology Snodgrass, R E 2016 Rs 495.00
Principles of Insects Pathology Steinhaus, Edward A 2013 Rs 2500.00
Private Life of Spiders Hillyard, Paul 2011 P 14.99
Reptile Survival Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Keeping Reptiles Amphibians Insects and Arachnids Alderton, David 2000 Rs 1500.00
Spiders of India Sebastian, P A & K V Peter eds 2017 Rs 1895.00
Subjective Agricultural Entomology on Competitive view for SRF ARS Ph D IARI Civil Services Vol 2 (PB) Haldhar, Shravan M 2016 Rs 220.00
Systematic Catalogue of Eight Scale Insect Families of the World Ben-Dov, Yair 2006 $ 220.00
Technical Dictionary of Entomology Gupta, G P 2001 Rs 800.00
Textbook of Entomology(PB) Mathur, Y K & K D Upadhyay 2015 Rs 240.00
Tools for Vermitechnology Dash, Madhab, Chandra 2013 Rs 1795.00
Urban Insect Pests: Sustainable Management Strategies Dhang, Partho 2014 P 85.00
Virus Insect Plant Interactions Harris, Kerry F et al eds 2001 Rs 3150.00
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