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Title Author Year Price  
Insect Evolutionary Ecology Fellowes, M D E et al eds 2005 P 130.00
Insect Fungal Associations: Ecology and Evolutions Vega, Fernando E & M Blackwell eds 2005 P 34.99
Insect Pathology 2nd edn Vega, Fernando & Harry K Kaya eds 2015 Rs 4495.00
Insect Pests and Their Control Evans, J W 2005 Rs 650.00
Insect Pests in Tropical Forestry 2nd edn (PB) Wylie, F Ross & Martin R Speight 2012 P 39.95
Insect Pests of Farm Garden and Orchard 8th ed Davidson, Ralph H & William F Lyon 2015 Rs 4295.00
Insect Pests of Potato: Global Perspectives on Biology and Management Giordanengo, Philippe et al 2015 Rs 4495.00
Insect Pests of Rice and their Control Zahurul, M 2010 Rs 350.00
Insect Pharmacology: Channels Receptors Toxins and Enzymes Gilbert, Lawrence I et al 2010 $ 105.00
Insect Plant Biology 2nd edn (PB) Schoonhoven, Louis M et al 2014 P 46.50
Insecta: An Introduction (PB) Ragumoorthi, K N et al eds 2014 Rs 190.00
Insecticides Vol 1 Trdan, Stanislav 2016 $ 175.00
Insecticides Vol 2 soloneski, Sonia & Marcelo L Larramendy 2016 $ 175.00
Insectivorous Plants Darwin, Charles 2010 Rs 1750.00
Insects and Spider Collections of the World 2nd edn Arnett, Ross H et al 1997 $ 99.95
Insects in Flight Brackenbury, John 1992 P 14.99
Insects: Our Fields Forests Gardens and Houses Packard, A S 2009 Rs 950.00
Integrated Pest Management: Concepts and Approaches (PB) Dhaliwal, G S & Ramesh Arora 2017 Rs 450.00
Introduction to Entomology Srivastava, P D & R P Singh 1997 Rs 600.00
Introduction to General and Applied Entomology 9pb0 Awasthi, V B 2012 Rs 440.00
Introduction to General and Applied Entomology 3rd edn Awasthi, Vidya Bhushan 2012 Rs 1500.00
Introduction to Insect Pest Management 3rd edn (PB) Metcalf, Robert L & William H Luckmann 2011 Rs 1595.00
Introduction to Sericulture 2nd edn (PB) Ganga, G & J Sulochana Chetty 2017 Rs 340.00
Keeping Bees (PB) Gregory, Pam et al 2011 P 9.99
Keys to the Nematode Parasites of Vertebrates Supplementary Volume Gibbons, Lynda M 2010 P 105.00
Management of Insect Pests of Horticultural Crops Patil, Shivaji & Neelima Watve 2017 $ 189.00
Management of Nematode and Insect Borne Plant Diseases Saxena, Geeta & K G Mukerji eds 2007 P 95.00
Manual of Agricultural Nematology Nickle, William R 2015 Rs 8995.00
Manual of Practical Entomology: Field and Laboratory Guide 3rd ed (PB) Trigunayat, M M 2016 Rs 295.00
Medical and Veterinary Entomology 2nd edn Mullen, Garg & Lance Durden eds 2013 Rs 3995.00
Modern Bee Keeping and Honey Processing Technology (PB) EIRI 2008 Rs 375.00
Molluscs as Crop Pests Barker, G M ed 2002 P 120.00
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