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Title Author Year Price  
Handbook of Polymer and Plastics Technology (PB) EIRI 2006 Rs 950.00
Handbook of Stationery Paper Converting and Packaging Industries (PB) EIRI 2006 Rs 400.00
Handbook of Synthetic Detergents with Formulations (PB) EIRI 2005 Rs 975.00
Heat Transfer in Industrial Combustion Baukal, Charles E 2017 Rs 4495.00
Helicopter Dynamics (PB) Done, George & David Balmford 2013 Rs 1295.00
High Performance Computing in Structural Engineering Adeli, Hojjat & R Soegiarso 1999 P 126.00
High Pressure Fluid Technology for Green Food Processing Fornari, Tiziana & Roumiana P Stateva 2015 EUR 169.99
Identification of Plastics and other Plastic Processing Industries EIRI 2016 Rs 950.00
Incised River Channels: Processes Forms Engineering and Management Darby, Stephen E & Andrew Simon ed 1999 $ 373.00
Induction Motors Modelling and Control Araujo, Rui Esteves, eds 2016 $ 220.00
Innovation in Food Engineering: New Techniques and Products Passos, Maria Laura & Claudio P Ribeiro 2017 Rs 5995.00
Internet of Things IOT Enabled Automation in Agriculture Singh, Rajesh et al 2019 Rs 1995.00
Investigation of Entrepreneurial Inclination Among Engineering Students: A Study Based on Multi Criteria Decision Approach (PB) Kapse, Chanduraj Pious & M K Dash 2018 Rs 395.00
Laboratory Techniques in Electroanalytical Chemistry Kissinger, Peter T & William R Heineman 1984 Rs 3000.00
Laws and Models: Science Engineering and Technology (PB) Hall, Carl W 2000 P 92.00
Maintenance Engineering and Management: Precepts and Practices 2nd ed (PB) Kiran, D R 2017 Rs 350.00
Manufacture of Disinfectants Cleaners Phenyl Repellents Deodorants Dishwashing Detergents and AEROSOLS (PB) EIRI 2014 Rs 975.00
Manufacture of Household Soaps Toilet Soaps and Other Soapswith Formulations (PB) EIRI 2004 Rs 750.00
Manufacturing of Washing Soap Toilet Soap Detergent Powders Liquid Soap Herbal and Paste Detergents and Perfumes with Formulations EIRI 0 Rs 1100.00
Manufacturing Technology and Formulations Handbook on Thinners Putty Wall and Industrial Finishes and Synthetic Resins (PB) EIRI 2010 Rs 900.00
Manufacturing Technology of Non Ferrous Metal Products (PB) EIRI 2012 Rs 1750.00
Manufacturing with Formulations Technology of Wax and Polishes EIRI 2018 Rs 975.00
Mechanics of Solids Fenner, Roger T 1999 P 57.99
Mining and Its Impact on the Environment Bell, Fred G & Laurance J Donnelly 2006 Rs 5495.00
Modern Inks Formulaes and Manufacturing Industries (PB) EIRI 2006 Rs 325.00
Modern Small and Cottage Scale Industries: Handbook of SmallScale Industries (PB) EIRI 2004 Rs 650.00
Modern Technology of Acid Slurry Surfactants Soap and Detergents: With Formulae (PB) EIRI 2011 Rs 850.00
Modern Technology of Biodegradable Plastics and Polymers EIRI 2016 Rs 975.00
Modern Technology of Injection Moulding Blow Moulding Plastic Extrusion Plastic Pipes Pet Bottle and Others Plastics Industries EIRI 2016 Rs 975.00
Modern Technology of Non Ferrous Metals and Metal Extraction (PB) EIRI 2011 Rs 1100.00
Modern Technology of Printing Inks (PB) EIRI 2012 Rs 1150.00
Modern Technology of Rolling Mill Billets Steel Wire Galvani zed Sheet Forging and Castings (PB) EIRI 2013 Rs 2500.00
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