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Title Author Year Price  
Data Structure and Software Engineering: Challenges and Improvements Antonakos, James L ed 2010 $ 120.00
Design and Installation of Marine Pipelines Braestrup, M W 2015 Rs 3500.00
Digital Integrated Electronics (PB) Taub, Herbert & Donald Schilling 2012 Rs 765.00
Digital Switching Systems: System Reliability and Anlaysis Ali, Syed Riffat 1997 $ 69.95
Disaster Management: Engineering and Environmental Aspects (PB) Sarvothaman, H & K J A Kumar 2015 Rs 540.00
Ecosystem Engineering: Plants to Protists Cuddington, Kim et al eds 2007 $ 109.00
Electromagnetic Induction and Maxwell Equation Mehta, Maharshi A 2018 Rs 1500.00
Electronic Devices and Circuits: An Introduction (PB) Mottershead, Allen 2017 Rs 425.00
Encyclopaedia of Fisheries Bioengineering in 3 Vols Ratz, Hans Joachim et al 2017 P 360.00
Engineering Chemistry with Experiments (PB) Rattan, Sunita 2017 Rs 265.00
Engineering Limnology Henderson, B 1984 $ 65.95
Engineering Mechanics Malik, A K et al 2013 Rs 245.00
Engineering Mechanics Statistics and Dynamics 3rd edn SI Units Reddy, K Vijaya Kumar & J Suresh Kumar 2018 Rs 595.00
Essentials of Electronic Testing: For Digital Memory and Mixed Signal VLSI Circuits (PB) Bushnell, Michael L & V D Agrawal 2015 Rs 1695.00
Farm Machinery and Design: Principles and Problems 3rd edn (PB) Sharma, D N & S Mukesh 2008 Rs 325.00
Food Industry and Production: Engineering Quality and Control Shiraishi, Tomotaka et al 2017 $ 150.00
Food Process Engineering and Technology Pare, Akash & B L Mandhyan 2011 Rs 2400.00
Foundation of Mechanical Engineering (PB) Purohit, R K 2011 Rs 490.00
Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering (PB) Reible, Danny D 2011 Rs 795.00
Gene and its Engineering: Replication Expression Cloning Manipulation (PB) Das, H K ed 2014 Rs 1195.00
Geoenvironmental Engineering: Principles and Applications Mamat, Othman et al 2016 P 110.00
Geotechnical Engineering: Principles and Practices of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering (PB) Murthy, V N S 2016 Rs 1295.00
Handbook of Adhesives with their Formulaes (PB) EIRI 2004 Rs 900.00
Handbook of Biomedical Optics Boas, David A et al eds 2011 P 146.00
Handbook of Electroplating Anoidizing and Surface Finishing Technology (PB) EIRI 2017 Rs 1100.00
Handbook of Fibre Glass Moulding (PB) EIRI 2006 Rs 450.00
Handbook of Industrial Biocatalysis Hou, Ching T ed 2016 Rs 4995.00
Handbook of Leather and Leather Products Technology (PB) EIRI 2005 Rs 850.00
Handbook of Minerals and Minerals Based Industries (PB) EIRI 2006 Rs 975.00
Handbook of Offset Printing Technology (PB) EIRI 2005 Rs 500.00
Handbook of Packaging Technology (PB) EIRI 2004 Rs 1150.00
Handbook of Plastic Materials and Processing Technology (PB) EIRI 2009 Rs 750.00
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