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Title Author Year Price  
Design and Installation of Marine Pipelines Braestrup, M W 2015 Rs 895.00
Digital Fourier Analysis: Advanced Techniques (PB) Kido, Keniti 2015 EUR 49.99
Digital Switching Systems: System Reliability and Anlaysis Ali, Syed Riffat 1997 $ 69.95
Disaster Management: Engineering and Environmental Aspects Sarvothaman, H & K J Anandha Kumar 2015 Rs 540.00
Encyclopaedia of Digital Electronics in 3 Vols Mishra, Umanath 2016 Rs 9000.00
Encyclopaedia of Petroleum Science and Engineering Vol 11 Sah, S L 2007 Rs 900.00
Engineering Economics and Economic Design for Process Engineers Brown, Thane 2016 Rs 3995.00
Engineering Limnology Henderson, B 1984 $ 65.95
Engineering Mechanics Malik, A K et al 2013 Rs 245.00
Engineering Mechanics Dynamics SI Version 7th edn (PB) Meriam, J L & L G Kraige 2015 Rs 659.00
Engineering Physics Choudhary, S K 2016 Rs 990.00
Engineering Principles of Ground Modification Hausmann, Manfred R 0 Rs 995.00
Essentials of Cloud Computing (PB) Chandrasekaran, K 2016 Rs 695.00
Essentials of Pharmaceutical Engineering: Unit Operations (PB) Derle, Deeliprao & Mrudula Bele 2010 Rs 325.00
Fiber Optic Sensors: Principles and Applications Gupta, B D 2006 Rs 850.00
Food Engineering: Process and Technology (PB) Mukhopadhyay, S N 2017 Rs 995.00
Fuels Furnaces Refractories and Pyrometry 2nd edn Suryanarayana, A V K 2005 Rs 225.00
Fundamentals of Electronics Tayal, D C & Praveen Tayal 2015 Rs 1250.00
Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering Reible, Danny D 1999 P 38.99
Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering Reible, Danny D 2011 Rs 79.99
Genetic Engineering and Gene Therapy Hu, Youjia et al 2016 $ 150.00
Genomics and Genetic Engineering Satya, Pratik 2007 Rs 1495.00
GIS: Fundamentals Applications and Implementations Elangovan, K 2006 Rs 950.00
Handbook for Designing Cement Plants Deolalkar, S P 2015 Rs 10000.00
Handbook of Adhesives with their Formulaes EIRI 2004 Rs 900.00
Handbook of Biomedical Optics Boas, David A et al eds 2011 P 95.00
Handbook of Electroplating Anoidizing and Surface Finishing Technology EIRI 2008 Rs 750.00
Handbook of Fibre Glass Moulding EIRI 2006 Rs 450.00
Handbook of Industrial Biocatalysis Hou, Ching T ed 2016 Rs 4995.00
Handbook of Leather and Leather Products Technology EIRI 2005 Rs 850.00
Handbook of Minerals and Minerals Based Industries EIRI 2006 Rs 975.00
Handbook of Offset Printing Technology EIRI 2005 Rs 500.00
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