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Advanced Direct Injection Combstion Engine Technologies and Development Vol 1: Gasoline and Gas Engines Zhao, Hua 2010 $ 260.00
Advanced Engineering Mathematics Duffy, Dean G 1998 P 64.00
Advanced Mathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineers:Asymptotic Methods and Perturbation Theory Bender, Carl M & Steven A Orszag 1999 EUR 104.99
Advanced Mathematics (PB) G, Srinivasa 2016 Rs 295.00
Advances in Food Extrusion Technology Maskan, Medeni & Aylin Altan 2017 Rs 2995.00
Application of Solidification Stabilization to Waste Materials Means, Jeffrey L 1995 $ 89.95
Automation in the Design and Manufacture of Large Marine Systems Chryssostomidis, Chryssostomos 1990 P 66.00
Avionics for Pilots and Engineers Dhunta, P S 1998 Rs 750.00
Basic Mechanical Maintenance Procedures at Water and Wastewater Plants Tillman, Glenn M 1991 P 79.99
Basic Ship Theory Vol 1 5th ed (PB) Rawson, K J & E C Tupper 2015 Rs 795.00
Biodegradation Engineering Technology and Applications Perez, Beatriz et al 2016 $ 195.00
Biofuels Engineering Process Technology Bernardes, Marco Aurelio dos 2016 $ 220.00
Biosolids Engineering and Management Vol 7 Wang, Lawrence K 2008 EUR 229.00
Chemical Process Engineering: Design and Economics Silla, Harry 2016 Rs 3495.00
Chemical Processing Handbook McKetta, John J ed 2016 Rs 7995.00
Complete Manufacturing Technology Book on Corrugated Boxes EIRI 2016 Rs 1100.00
Data Structure and Software Engineering: Challenges and Improvements Antonakos, James L ed 2010 $ 120.00
Deep Sea Fishing in India: From Trawler to Table Rao, U Shanker 2012 Rs 950.00
Design and Installation of Marine Pipelines Braestrup, M W 2015 Rs 3500.00
Digital Integrated Electronics (PB) Taub, Herbert & Donald Schilling 2012 Rs 765.00
Digital Switching Systems: System Reliability and Anlaysis Ali, Syed Riffat 1997 $ 69.95
Disaster Management: Engineering and Environmental Aspects Sarvothaman, H & K J Anandha Kumar 2015 Rs 540.00
Ecosystem Engineering: Plants to Protists Cuddington, Kim et al eds 2007 $ 109.00
Electronic Devices and Circuits: An Introduction (PB) Mottershead, Allen 2017 Rs 425.00
Engineering Aspects of Cereal and Cereal Based Productss Guine, Raquel de Pinho Ferreira ed 2017 Rs 2995.00
Engineering Limnology Henderson, B 1984 $ 65.95
Extracting Bioactive Compounds for Food Products: Theory and Applications Meireles, M Angela A ed 2017 Rs 3495.00
Food Industry and Production: Engineering Quality and Control Shiraishi, Tomotaka et al 2017 $ 150.00
Food Process Engineering and Technology Pare, Akash & B L Mandhyan 2011 Rs 2400.00
Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering Reible, Danny D 2011 P 86.00
Genetic Engineering and Gene Therapy Hu, Youjia et al 2016 $ 150.00
Geoenvironmental Engineering: Principles and Applications Mamat, Othman et al 2016 P 110.00
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