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Title Author Year Price  
Alternative Energy in Agriculture Vol 2 Goswami, D Yogi ed 2000 $ 124.00
Annual Review of Energy Vol 12 Hollander, Jack M et al eds 1987 $ 62.00
Biodiesel Science and Technology: From Soil to Oil Bart, Jan C J et al 2010 $ 345.00
Bioenergy for Sustainability and Security Behera, Basanta Kumara & Ajit Varma 2018 Rs 1995.00
Biofuel Crops: Cultivation and Management Jatropha Sweet Sorghum and Sugarbeet Vairavan, K et al 2010 Rs 395.00
Biofuels Prasad, S & M S Dhanya 2012 Rs 2895.00
Biofuels: Economy Environment and Sustainability Fang, Zhen 2016 $ 180.00
Biogas (PB) (Hindi) Chawla, O P 2013 Rs 100.00
Biogas from Waste and Renewable Resources: An Introduction 2nd edn Deublein, Dieter & Angelika Steinhauser 2011 $ 165.00
Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements in Coal and Coal Combustion Byproducts Sajwan, Kenneth S et al eds 1999 EUR 239.00
Climate Change and Energy Insecurity: The Challenge for Peace Security and Development (PB) Dodds, Felix et ale ds 2009 P 24.99
Complete Technology of Biomass Chemicals from Biomass Biofuels and Biodiesels: Manufactue Handbook Panda, Himadri 2018 Rs 975.00
Conservation 2000: Radiation and Nuclear Energy Palmer, Joy 1992 P 12.99
Electromagnetic Wave and Energy Flow Mehta, Maharshi A 2018 Rs 1500.00
Energy Ecology and Environment: A Technological Approach Kaushika, N D & Kshitij Kaushik 2004 Rs 995.00
Energy for Production Agriculture Singh, Surender et al 2014 Rs 750.00
Energy Management Murphy, W R & G McKay 2015 Rs 850.00
Energy Public Relations: A Key to Sustainable Development Deshpande, Asha G 2018 Rs 600.00
Geopolitics of Energy Favennec, Jean Pierre 2017 Rs 990.00
Handbook of Biosolar Resources Vol 2: Resource Materials Zaborsky, Oskar R ed 1981 $ 99.00
Heat Transfer in Industrial Combustion Baukal, Charles E 2017 Rs 4495.00
Liquid Rosin Tall Oil Production Uses Extraction Processing Composition and Fourmulations Handbook (PB) EIRI 2018 Rs 1275.00
Manufacturing Technology of Biofuels Biomethane Bio Hydrogen Bioethanol Ethanol Biodiesel Fuels Solid Biofuels and Renewable Energy Panda, Himadri 2018 Rs 1100.00
Microbial Biodiesel: Scope Production Technologies Feasibility and Commercialization Muniraj, Iniya Kumar et al 2018 Rs 2195.00
Mining and Its Impact on the Environment Bell, Fred G & Laurance J Donnelly 2006 Rs 5495.00
Modern Development in Atomic and Molecular Physics Bhatt, Amee P 2018 Rs 1500.00
Modern Technology of Biogas Production (PB) EIRI 2013 Rs 1975.00
Municipal Solid Waste Management: Processing Energy Recovery Global Examples Reddy, P Jayarama 2011 Rs 2295.00
Non Hydrocarbon Methods of Geophysical Formation Evaluation Hallenburg, James K 1998 P 97.00
Objective Type Questions in Renewable Energy Sourices (PB) Ansari, Md Irfan Ahmad 2012 Rs 175.00
Oil Spill Dispersants: Mechanisms of Action and Laboratory Tests Clayton, John R et al 1993 P 126.00
Opportunities of Renewable Energy Interventions in Forest Fringe Villages of Madhya Pradesh Sinha, Bhaskar et al 2018 Rs 695.00
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