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Title Author Year Price  
Alternate Sources of Energy Rathore, N S, Mathur, A N 2007 Rs 350.00
Alternative Energy in Agriculture Vol 2 Goswami, D Yogi ed 2015 $ 124.00
Annual Review of Energy Vol 12 Hollander, Jack M et al eds 1987 $ 62.00
Biodiesel Science and Technology: From Soil to Oil Bart, Jan C J et al 2010 $ 345.00
Biofuels: Economy Environment and Sustainability Fang, Zhen 2016 $ 180.00
Biogas from Waste and Renewable Resources: An Introduction 2nd edn Deublein, Dieter & Angelika Steinhauser 2011 $ 165.00
Biogas: Production Management and Utilisation Mathur, A N 1992 Rs 495.00
Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements in Coal and Coal Combustion Byproducts Sajwan, Kenneth S et al eds 1999 EUR 239.00
Climate Change and Energy Insecurity: The Challenge for Peace Security and Development (PB) Dodds, Felix et ale ds 2009 P 24.99
Conservation 2000: Radiation and Nuclear Energy Palmer, Joy 1992 P 12.99
Energy Ecology and Environment: A Technological Approach Kaushika, N D & Kshitij Kaushik 2004 Rs 995.00
Energy for Production Agriculture Singh, Surender et al 2014 Rs 750.00
Energy Management Murphy, W R & G McKay 2015 Rs 850.00
Energy Management Handbook Singh, Parag 2018 Rs 2195.00
Energy Use Pattern Among the Major Crops in Agriculture Pandian, S Henry 2017 Rs 1499.00
Geopolitics of Energy Favennec, Jean Pierre 2017 Rs 990.00
Greener Energy Systems: Energy Production Technologies with Minimum Environmental Impact Jeffs, Eric 2012 P 89.00
Handbook of Biosolar Resources Vol 2: Resource Materials Zaborsky, Oskar R ed 1981 $ 99.00
India and the Global Game of Gas Pipelines Dietl, Gulshan 2017 Rs 695.00
Management of Water Energy and Bioresources in the Era of Climate Change Emerging Issues and Challenges Raju, N Janardhana et al eds 2014 Rs 1795.00
Nanomaterials in Energy and Environment Papola, Nagar 2018 Rs 1895.00
Non Hydrocarbon Methods of Geophysical Formation Evaluation Hallenburg, James K 1998 P 97.00
Numericals and Short Questions in Farm Machinery Power and Energy in Agriculture Yadav, Rajvir & H B Solanki 2009 Rs 1400.00
Oil Spill Dispersants: Mechanisms of Action and Laboratory Tests Clayton, John R et al 1993 P 126.00
Practical Handbook on Biodiesel Production and Properties Ahmad, Mushtaq 2016 Rs 1795.00
Principles of Sustainable Energy Kreith, Frank & Jan F Kreider 2012 P 85.00
Recent Developments in Hydrogen Technology Vol 1 Williamson, K D & F J Edeskuty 1986 Rs 1200.00
Renewable Energy Hammons, T J 2016 $ 220.00
Renewable Energy Resources 3rd edn Twidell, John & Tony Weir 2008 Rs 1695.00
Renewable Energy Sources for Sustainable Development Rathore, N S & N L Panwar 2007 Rs 1795.00
Renewable Energy: Futuristic Approaches Thomson, George 2015 $ 150.00
Solar Power Singh, R J 2014 Rs 2400.00
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