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Title Author Year Price  
How to Speak and Write Correctly Sharma, R K 2017 Rs 395.00
How to Write Correct English Singh, Krishna Kumar 2018 Rs 995.00
Human Nutrition and Health Education: A Reference Work to Promote Health Literacy and Reduce Health Risks in 3 Vols Mckenzie, R Tait et al 2010 Rs 9500.00
Human Resource Development and Higher Education Pal, Prankrishna 2016 Rs 1480.00
ICT and Elementary School Teachers S, Manjula et al 2017 Rs 795.00
ICT and Teaching Fanai, Lallianzuali 2017 Rs 695.00
ICT Enabled Teaching in English Classrooms Simon, Shibu & Viju M J 2017 Rs 1400.00
ICT in Education Naseerali, M K 2017 Rs 1595.00
ICT in Education: A 21st Century Phenomenon Saha, Rajib & Jayanta, Mete 2017 Rs 1195.00
Impact of the Right to Education Act 2009 Jacob, M A 2016 Rs 900.00
Importance of Teaching Department of UK 2014 Rs 495.00
Inclusive Education Patteti, Adam Paul & Joy Soloman Raju 2018 Rs 595.00
Inculcating Values through Textbooks Mani, Mukta 2017 Rs 1450.00
Indian Education Commissions and Committees: Toward Shaping Education Taneja, Anil Kumar 2017 Rs 900.00
Information and Communication Technology Use by Secondary School Teachers Basavaraj S 2017 Rs 695.00
Instant Extension Education for JRF and Other Agricultural Competitive Exams 2nd edn (PB) Shruti 2014 Rs 310.00
Instant Social Science: A Competitive Book on Agricultural Economic Extension Education and Agricultural Statistics (PB) Pawariya, Vikash & Shubham Mishra 2017 Rs 150.00
Integrated Curriculum: A Delphi Study Ojha, N C & Deepti Yadav 2017 Rs 395.00
International Encyclopaedia of Peace Education in 2 Vols Adhikari, Prodip & Jayanta Mete 2018 Rs 1495.00
International Encyclopaedia of Teacher Education in 2 Vols K, Purnima & Haseen Taj 2017 Rs 1595.00
Introducing English for Academic Purposes Charles Maggie, Pecorari Diane 2016 P 24.99
Introducing the New Sexuality Studies 3rd ed. (PB) Fischer, Nancy L. et al 2016 P 39.99
Introduction to Curriculum Studies Dandapat, Asis Kumar 2017 Rs 1150.00
Introduction to Educational Research Paul, Sandeep 2017 Rs 800.00
Introduction to Extension Education (PB) Supe, S V 2014 Rs 270.00
Issues in Higher Learning Institutions Palanithurai, G 2017 Rs 750.00
Jeev Vigyan Shiksha (Hindi) Sharma, Rohit 2018 Rs 350.00
Knowledge and Curriculum Panda, Pratap Kumar 2017 Rs 995.00
Knowledge Management and Learning Technology Singh, Ramesh 2018 Rs 1695.00
Krishi Shiksha (Hindi) Sharma, Rohit 2018 Rs 400.00
Language Education in Distance Mode Mishra, Sushant Kumar 2017 Rs 1295.00
Language Policy and Education in India: Documents Contexts and Debates Mishra, Sunita 2017 Rs 850.00
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