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Title Author Year Price  
English Language Teaching: Approaches Methods & Techniques Patel, Hemant 2014 Rs 1195.00
English Learning and Writing Skills Tripathi, Sujitkumar A 2017 Rs 990.00
Environmental Education Suhane, Anjuli 2016 Rs 695.00
Environmental Education Nikose, R L 2016 Rs 1750.00
Equity in Higher Education: A Global Perspective Paivandi, Saeed & K M Joshi 2016 Rs 1695.00
Essentials of Enviornmental Education Nikose, R L 2016 Rs 1750.00
Extension Education Das, Ajay 2017 Rs 795.00
Extension Education and Rural Development Rathore, Surya & L L Somani 2012 Rs 1380.00
Extension Education Services in Higher Education Goel, A & S L Goel 2010 Rs 2200.00
Extension Education What and What Not Chandrakandan, K et al 2005 Rs 550.00
Financing of Higher Education: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Financing Naqvi, Munila & Nar Singh 2016 Rs 1080.00
Formative Classroom Walkthroughs (PB) Moss, Connie M & Susan M Brookhart 2017 Rs 495.00
Foundations of Education Singaravelu, G 2017 Rs 695.00
Free Choice Science Education: How we Learn Science Outside of School (PB) Falk, John H ed 2001 $ 27.95
Fundamentals of Educational Technology Sharma, Meena 2016 Rs 990.00
Fundamentals of Sex Education: A Life Span Approach Rahman, Azibur 2004 Rs 400.00
Global Education Guidelines: A Handbook for Educators to understand and Implement Global Education North South Centre of the Council of Europe, Lisbon 2015 Rs 495.00
Global Encyclopaedia of Military Education and Training Raj, Rita 2017 Rs 2500.00
Globalisation: Culture and Education in the New Millennium orozco, Marcelo M Suarez & Desiree Baolian Qin Hil 2016 Rs 1195.00
Globalization Political Economy and Higher Education: Issues of Self Financing in Kerala Radha, Nithya Neelakandan 2016 Rs 1750.00
Guidance and Counselling Panda, Pratap Kumar 2017 Rs 995.00
Guidance and Counselling in 2 Vols Mishra, R C 2017 Rs 1500.00
Handbook of Education Azmi, Ruhi 2014 Rs 5995.00
Handbook of Educational Technology Gupta, Radheyshyam 2015 Rs 4995.00
Handbook of Extension Education 4th edn Rathore, OS et al 2015 Rs 500.00
Handbook of Teaching for Physical Disabled Misra, Bhawna 2002 Rs 400.00
Handedness Cognitive Abilities Personality and Hemisphericity Sharma, Kushal 1986 Rs 175.00
HIgher Education Pradhan, Susanta Kumar & Jayanta Mete 2016 Rs 995.00
Higher Education in Changing Scenario: Challenges and Prospe cts Ara, Zeenat et al 2009 Rs 695.00
Higher Education in India: Issues Challenges and Suggestion Drivedi, Ramesh Dhar & Neelima Singh 2016 Rs 850.00
Higher Education in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics: STEM House 2016 Rs 595.00
History of Indian Education Bobade, Bhujang Ramrao & Omshiva Ligade 2017 Rs 1650.00
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