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Title Author Year Price  
Counselling Theory and Practice Neukrug, Edward 2012 Rs 1195.00
Critical Study of School Education of the Muslims After Independence Hai, Md Adbul 2017 Rs 1295.00
Curriculum and Educational Evaluation Arulsamy, S & V Kaviyarasu 2016 Rs 595.00
Curriculum Development Kalaiyarasan, G 2017 Rs 995.00
Democracy and Education Dewey, John 2016 Rs 1200.00
Developing Thinking ans Understanding un Young Children: An Introduction for Students 2nd ed (PB) Robson, Sue 2014 Rs 550.00
Dictionary of Commerce Rao, V K 2014 Rs 1050.00
Dictionary of Grammatical and Literary Terms Rajamouly, Katta 2017 Rs 795.00
Dictionary of Idioms and Phrases Kleiser, G 2017 Rs 695.00
Dimensions of Education (PB) Jha, Arbind K & Shreesh Pal Singh 2016 Rs 695.00
Dimensions of Higher Education (PB) C P D H E 2016 Rs 625.00
Doctrines of Great Educators Thakur, A S 2016 Rs 895.00
Dropout Problem in Indias School Education R S, Maranoor & Somashekharappa C A 2015 Rs 1195.00
Dynamics of Higher Education Das, Kartick 2017 Rs 980.00
Educating for Spirituality and Better Mental Health Mathur, S G & Nita Das 2005 Rs 250.00
Educating the Mentally Disabled Misra, Bhawna 2002 Rs 450.00
Education and Child Development Misra, Bhawna 1999 Rs 495.00
Education and Electronic Media Mrunalini 2017 Rs 695.00
Education and Human Resource Management Randhawa, Gurpreet 2017 Rs 495.00
Education and Personality Development Singh, Dhirendra P 2017 Rs 695.00
Education and Rehabilitation of Mentally Handicapped Rahman, Azibur 2005 Rs 350.00
Education Empowerment in India: Policies and Practices Singh, Avinash Kumar 2016 Rs 1050.00
Education in India: Issues Prospects and Challenges Sarkar, Amal Kumar 2015 Rs 1595.00
Education in North East India Saroh, Tayum 2016 Rs 595.00
Education in Twenty First Century Pradhan, Susanta Kumar & Jayanta Mete 2016 Rs 995.00
Education of Child and Social Transformation Upadhyay, Kiran 2016 Rs 1295.00
Education Psychology Rana, L K 2015 Rs 1225.00
Education Reform Strategy UNRWA 2014 Rs 495.00
Education System in Rural India Sinha, Himanshu & Sanjana Mehta 2016 Rs 1150.00
Education Technology Marisamy, K 2016 Rs 695.00
Educational Evaluation Panda, Pratap Kumar 2017 Rs 1595.00
Educational Life Style of Tribal Students Sharma, K R 1991 Rs 210.00
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