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Gums and Resin Yielding Plants Bhatnagar, Pratibha 2014 Rs 750.00
Handbook of International Economics Trade and Consumer Rights in 3 Vols Sahu, M P 2017 Rs 4800.00
Handbook of Managerial Business and Principles Economics in 3 Vols Prasad, G S 2017 Rs 4950.00
Handbook of Small Scale Industry Dandekar, Vivek Madhukar 2016 Rs 1150.00
Handbook of Vegetables Vol 3 Peter, K V & Pranab Hazra 2015 $ 95.00
Health Economic (PB) Jeyasingh, J et al 2016 Rs 575.00
Health Education and Human Development Dash, L N & L M Mahanta 2017 Rs 995.00
Hill Agriculture Economics and Sustainability Sharma, Pawan Kumar & Sudhakar Dwivedi 2013 Rs 3850.00
History and Class Consciousness: Studies in Marxist Dialectics Lukas, Georg 2016 Rs 395.00
History of Economic Thought Gupta, Loveleen & Pradeep Kumar Panda 2015 Rs 595.00
How Financial Policies Response: A Cropss Country Empirical Analysis Sarkar, Siddhartha 2016 Rs 1350.00
Human Capital Formation: A Study of Unaccounted Components Mazumdar, Krishna & Manabendra Paul 1991 Rs 115.00
Ikkisavi Sadi mein Gandhi ka Aarthik Darshan Mishra, Veena Gopal 2016 Rs 1080.00
Imperialism Crisis and Class Struggle: The Enduring Verities and Contemporary Face of Capitalism (PB) Veltmeyer, Henry 2016 Rs 750.00
Implementation of National Food Decurity Act 2013 Shendre, Avinash B 2016 Rs 850.00
In Search of Stability: Economics of Money History of the Rupee Sivramkrishna, Sashi 2015 Rs 1495.00
India's Engineering Sector: Strategies Export Overview and Future Outlook Paswan, Vijay Kumar 2017 Rs 680.00
Indian Agriculture and Agribusiness Management 2nd Edition (PB) Diwase, S. 2014 Rs 495.00
Indian Banking Gowda, M Ramchandra et al 2016 Rs 950.00
Indian Constitution and Social Justice B, Suhasini 2017 Rs 1395.00
Indian Economy R G, Rasal & Girishkumar N Rana 2017 Rs 1900.00
Indian Economy in 2030 and other Writing Panda, Sudhakar 2016 Rs 795.00
Indian Rural Economy Arya, J P 2014 Rs 1175.00
Industrial Disputes and Coal Industry Malkhandi, Mita 2016 Rs 599.00
Industrial Organisation and Management Ahuja, Shagun & R K Sharma 2016 Rs 1080.00
Industrial Wastewater Systems Handbook (PB) Stephenson, Ralph L & J B Blackburn 2015 Rs 1495.00
Insect Resistance Management: Biology Economics and Prediction Onstad, David W 2017 Rs 3495.00
Instant Agriculture Gupta, S N 0 Rs 150.00
Insurance Sector in India: Problems Possibilities and Prospects Das, Kishore Kumar et al 2016 Rs 850.00
Integrated Coastal Area Management and Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries FAO 1998 Rs 500.00
Integrated Cooperative Development Project: ┬áImpact and Sustainability Ravichandran, K 2015 Rs 795.00
Integrated Farming Systems: A Strategy for Sustainable Farm Production and Livelihood Security Desai, B K et al 2014 Rs 3500.00
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