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Title Author Year Price  
Financial Accounting Reddy, R Jayaprakash 2016 Rs 995.00
Foreign Direct Investment in India Since 1991 Bhasin, Nit 2017 Rs 890.00
Foreign Trade Policy: Recent Trend Meena, R L 2017 Rs 1450.00
Foreign Trade Theory Procedures Practices and Documentation: Export Import Procedures and Documentation Jain, Khushpat S & Apexa V Jain 2017 Rs 1595.00
Formative Years of Communist International and the Metamorphosis of Bolshevism (PB) Singh, Arun Kumar 2017 Rs 895.00
Four Central Theories of the Market Economy: Conception Evolution and Application Rassekh, Farhad 2017 P 110.00
Fundamentals of Agriculture Katyayan, Arun 2012 Rs 2000.00
Fundamentals of Agriculture (PB) Arya, R L et al 2015 Rs 750.00
GATT: Critical Analysis of General Agreement on Tariffs andTrade Kulshreshtha, Ajay et al 2017 Rs 925.00
General Theory of Employment Interest and Money Keynes, John Maynard 2017 Rs 1040.00
Global Business Environment: The Economics of International Commerce in 2 Vols Tak, Seema 2015 Rs 2450.00
Global Human Resource Development: Regional and Country Perspectives Garavan, Thomas N et al 2016 P 110.00
Global Trade in Services: A WTO Perspective Deol, O S 2017 Rs 1195.00
Global Urban Process: Growth of Towns and Cities Bhattacharya, Bimalendu 2017 Rs 1900.00
Globalisation Society and Social Work Soni, Suman 2015 Rs 1195.00
Globalization and Macroeconomics Singh, C K 2018 Rs 1695.00
Glossary of Plant Tissue Culture Dudley, Theodore R & D General eds 1988 Rs 1800.00
Goods and Services Tax in India: Background Present Structure and Future Challenges Sury, M M 2017 Rs 1285.00
Grape Exports: Retrospect and Prospect Shende, Abhay H 2009 Rs 795.00
Great Economic Thinkers from Antiquity to the Historical School Schefold, Bertram 2016 P 110.00
Green Growth: Ideology Political Economy and the Alternatives (PB) Dale, Gareth et al 2017 Rs 595.00
Growth Development Environment Sustainability: A Road Map for the Future Kar, Sandip et al 2017 Rs 1750.00
Gulab Joshi, Pramod 0 Rs 400.00
Handbook of Industrial Business and Internarional Economics in 4 Vols Rao, M A 2018 Rs 6000.00
Handbook on GST in India Chawla, Romila 2017 Rs 350.00
History of Economic Ideas: Economic Thought in Contemporary Context (PB) Dupont, Brandon 2017 P 39.99
History of Economic Thought Singh, Pragya 2018 Rs 1150.00
History of Economic Thought (PB) Rubin, Isaac Ilych 2017 Rs 495.00
Human Development and Economic Growth Singh, Raghavendra Kumar 2017 Rs 880.00
Human Development and Sustainability: Challenges and Strategies Sarkar, Asok Kumar ed 2017 Rs 1195.00
Imperialism: A Study (PB) Hobson, J A 2017 Rs 450.00
Inclusive Growth: The Key to India's Sustainable Development Bawa, Meenakshi 2017 Rs 980.00
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