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Title Author Year Price  
Economic and Social History of Modern India Tripathy, Kalpana 2017 Rs 895.00
Economic Empowerment of Women in India Bhargav, Ritu 2017 Rs 895.00
Economic Growth and Development Dhawan, Amit 2018 Rs 1250.00
Economic Ideas of Marx`s Capital: Steps towards Postkeynesian Economics Cuyvers, Ludo 2017 P 95.00
Economic Impact of Granite Industry Jalari, Vasu & M Devarajulu 2017 Rs 600.00
Economic Inequality and Development of North East India Nunchunga, J V et al 2017 Rs 800.00
Economic Thinkers Srivastava, Pankaj 2018 Rs 1350.00
Economic Thought of Gandhi and Rural Development in 2 Vols Prasad, R. A 2018 Rs 3000.00
Economics and Financial Accounting Standards Ahmad, Fazal 2018 Rs 1695.00
Economics and Power A Marxist Critique Palermo, Giulio 2016 P 110.00
Economics in a Changing World Singh, C K 2018 Rs 1650.00
Economics of Corruption Verma, S K 2017 Rs 1350.00
Economics of Farm Prodcution and Management (PB) Raju, V T 2017 Rs 250.00
Economics of India: How to Fool all People for all Times Sabnavis, Madan 2017 Rs 795.00
Economy: Concepts and Theories (Useful for M.B.A., M.Com., M.A., BBM, B. Com and B.A, Students of all Universities in India) Murthy, Narasimaha M S 2017 Rs 1800.00
Employment and Economic Growth: Policies and Strategies Kumar, Shailesh et al 2017 Rs 1680.00
Employment and Job Creation: Opportunities and Challenges Kumar, Ashok 2017 Rs 1380.00
Empowering Women through Micro Finance Ramakrishna, R et al 2017 Rs 1695.00
Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Economics (PB) Jain, Deepak ed 2018 Rs 400.00
Encyclopedia of Economics Growth and Development in 5 Vols. Purohit, S G 2018 Rs 7500.00
Entrepreneurship Innovations and Start ups in India Joshi, Savita 2017 Rs 735.00
Environment Climate Change and Diaster Management Mani, N 2017 Rs 1440.00
Environment Economy and Society: Lessons and Imperatives Dhankar, Raj S ed 2017 Rs 1295.00
Environmental Economics Tiwari, K K 2018 Rs 1250.00
Essays on Classical and Marxian Political Economy: Collected Essays IV Hollander, Samuel 2018 Rs 1150.00
Evaluation and Measurement in Higher Education Talati, J K 2015 Rs 895.00
Expedition Agroparks: Research by Design into Sustainable Development and Agriculture in the Network Society (PB) Smeets, Peter J A M 2011 P 53.15
Facing the Anthropocene: Fossil Capitalism and the Crisis of the Earth System (PB) Angus, Ian 2017 Rs 395.00
Falotpadan ka Arthashastra Kanwar, Surendra Mohan 2001 Rs 80.00
Fasalotpadan Kumar, Ashok 2014 Rs 625.00
Federalism and Local Government in India Vaddiraju, Anil Kumar 2017 Rs 995.00
Fertilizers and their Use: A Pocket Guide for Extension Officers 4th ed Food and Agricultural Organisation 2015 Rs 575.00
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