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Displacement Impoverishment and Exclusion: Political Economy of Development in India Mishra, Sujit Kumar & R Siva Prasad 2018 Rs 1495.00
Dynamics of Commercial Banking in India in the Wake of Globalisation Pal, Kalpana Kumari 2018 Rs 900.00
Dynamics of Tribal Economy in India Gugulothu, Devoji 2018 Rs 995.00
Ease of Doing Business in India: Past Present and Future Bhasin, Niti 2018 Rs 1760.00
Ecommerce and Entrepreneurship Development in 2 Vols Kumar, Varun 2018 Rs 3300.00
Econometric Applications Bhowmik, Debesh 2018 Rs 1450.00
Econometrics in 2 Vols Kumar, K N Ravi 2018 Rs 7995.00
Economic Analysis for Business Saravanavel, P & G Kavitha 2017 Rs 1095.00
Economic Analysis in Business Decisions Saxena, Raj 2018 Rs 1500.00
Economic Development and Growth Verma, Kiran 2019 Rs 1650.00
Economic Efficiency of Sugarcane Growers Rao, Ankasala Samba Siva 2018 Rs 1095.00
Economic Geography Ojha, R N 2018 Rs 2250.00
Economic Growth and Development Dhawan, Amit 2018 Rs 1250.00
Economic Law in India: Theory and Application Chauhan, Anand H 2017 Rs 900.00
Economic Thinkers Srivastava, Pankaj 2018 Rs 1350.00
Economic Thought of Gandhi and Rural Development in 2 Vols Prasad, R. A 2018 Rs 3000.00
Economics of Corruption Verma, S K 2017 Rs 1350.00
Economics of Farm Prodcution and Management (PB) Raju, V T 2017 Rs 250.00
Effective Bank Management: Role of its Personnel Raju, Sanyasi & Sripada Ramakrishna 2018 Rs 1195.00
Empowerment of Tribal People in India: Problems and Potential Kumari, Madhu 2018 Rs 1499.00
Encyclopaedia od Insurance Banking and Finanace Padia, Hasmukh R 2018 Rs 8500.00
Encyclopaedia of Banking Insurance and Risk Management 2 Vols in 1 Book Gupta, Atul et al 2018 Rs 1195.00
Entrepreneurship and Skills Development Rasure, K A & Lagashetty Jagannath M 2018 Rs 1350.00
Entrepreneurship Development in India Sinha, P K 2018 Rs 1095.00
Entrepreneurship Make in India and Jobs Creation Madhavi, P & G Satyanarayana 2018 Rs 785.00
Environment Economy and Society: Lessons and Imperatives Dhankar, Raj S ed 2017 Rs 1295.00
Environmental Economics Tiwari, K K 2018 Rs 1250.00
Essentials of Economics Tiwari, Rohit 2019 Rs 1650.00
European Union Development Cooperation Policy and Practice India: EU Relation Jeeva, S 2018 Rs 1500.00
Expedition Agroparks: Research by Design into Sustainable Development and Agriculture in the Network Society (PB) Smeets, Peter J A M 2011 P 53.15
Export Management Kohali, R K 2019 Rs 1750.00
Falotpadan ka Arthashastra (PB) Kanwar, Surendra Mohan 2001 Rs 80.00
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