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Aadharik Arthashastra (Hindi) Mathur, B L 2016 Rs 1075.00
Agribusiness and Farm Management at a Glance Somani, Laxmi Lal 2013 Rs 1500.00
Agribusiness and Intellectual Property Rights Gaur, S C 0 Rs 990.00
Agribusiness: Market and Marketing Gaur, S C 2014 Rs 990.00
Agricultural Development in 21st Century Raijada, M J 2016 Rs 1795.00
Agronomy and Economy of Turmeric and Ginger: The Invaluable Medicinal Spice Crops Nair, K P Prabhakaran 2017 Rs 3495.00
Analytical Techniques for Decision Making in Agriculture Raju, S S et al 2016 Rs 1995.00
ASEAN India Development and Cooperation Report 2015 (PB) Asean-India Centre 2015 Rs 795.00
Aspects and Dynamics of Collective Bargaining and Social Dialogue in the Post Reform Period in India Sundar, K R Shyam 2016 Rs 995.00
Baag Prabandh (PB) Mishra, Kaushal Kumar 2013 Rs 250.00
Banking and Finance Chaudhary, C M 2005 Rs 450.00
Basics of International Financial Reporting Standards Bansal, Atul & Vakul Bansal 2016 Rs 1795.00
Basics of Research Methodology Imam, Ekwal 2014 Rs 1250.00
Bharat Ke Bal Majdoor Yadav, Ravi Prakash et al 2016 Rs 1295.00
Bharat mein Krishi Samasaayein (Problems of Agriculture in India) Yadav, Jiyalal 2012 Rs 850.00
Bioinvasions and Globalisation: Ecology Economics Managementand Policy Perrings, Charles et al 2010 P 36.00
Black Money and Financial Fraud Nath, Thakur Shailendra 2016 Rs 995.00
Black Money and Parallel Economy: Causes Effects and Remedial Measures Kumar, Abhishek 2016 Rs 1380.00
Business Correspondence and Report Writing Nayas, M & A Mustafa 2016 Rs 1195.00
Business Economics: Modern Methods and Techniques Singh, Lakshman 2016 Rs 1295.00
Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Sharma, Sanju 2016 Rs 630.00
Business Ethics: A Critical Approach Integrating Ethics Across the Business World O'Sullivan, Patrick et al eds 2016 Rs 1350.00
Business Policy and Strategic Management 4th Revised ed Cherunilam, Francis 2015 Rs 950.00
Business Statistics: Tools and Techniques Gupta, P K 2017 Rs 1550.00
Challenges of Globalisation in Sociology and Economics Mandal, Bindeshwar Prasad 2017 Rs 1995.00
Changing Contours of Microfinance in India M, Jayadev & Diatha Krishna Sundar 2016 Rs 850.00
Climate Change and Crop Production Dagar, J C et al 2014 Rs 2500.00
Communication for Business Rani, M Shobha 2016 Rs 995.00
Companies Act 2013: New Challenges in Contemporary Indian Economy Mitra, Partha Pratim 2016 Rs 1380.00
Companies Commerce and Merchants: Bengal in the Pre Colonial Era Chaudhury, Sushil 2015 Rs 1495.00
Competitive Intelligence: Millennium Intelligence for Winning Business Johri, Amit & Akshai Aggarwal 2016 Rs 1250.00
Computational Finance: An Introductory Course with R Arratia, Argimiro 2014 EUR 59.99
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