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Title Author Year Price  
Hijacking: A War by Other Means Kumar, Nishant 2000 Rs 250.00
History of the Assam Rifles Shakespear, L W 1983 Rs 225.00
Indian Army: Doctrine Concept and Strategy Kumar, Satendra 2015 Rs 1295.00
Indias National Security:Annual Review 2015-16 Kumar, Satish 2016 Rs 1295.00
Indias Naval Strategy and Asian Security (PB) Mukherjee, Anit & C Raja Mohan ed 2016 Rs 795.00
Indias on Southeast Asia for Security Peace and Development Kiso, Tepekrovi P 2016 Rs 995.00
International Trade and Inclusive Development: Emerging Issues and Enlarging Debates Roy, Chandan 2017 Rs 995.00
Islamist Challenges in West Asia: Doctrinal and Political Competitions After the Arab Spring Ahmad, Talmiz 2013 Rs 695.00
Leaders from the Barracks Ganguly, A K 2016 Rs 795.00
Military Psychology: International Perspectives Rawat, Samir 2017 Rs 795.00
N Arms Race and Threats for New Cold War Swamy, A N 2016 Rs 1595.00
National Security and Global Strategic Issues Asthana, N C & Anjali Nirmal 2016 Rs 1800.00
National Security: An Overview Sen, Sankar 2016 Rs 495.00
Nuclear Weapons and Chinas Grand Security Swamy, A N 2016 Rs 1495.00
Role of Intelligence in Modern Warfare singh, Jagat 2017 Rs 1250.00
Strategic Thought and the Art of War Asthana, N C & Anjali Nirmal 2016 Rs 1800.00
Tamil Separatist War in Sri Lanka Wickremesekera, Channa 2016 Rs 895.00
Technology As A Substitute: Nukes Missiles and other Stories Sen, Samir K 2016 Rs 995.00
Threat to India's Security: China and Pakistan Saroja, B 2013 Rs 850.00
Ultimate Book of Explosives Bombs and IEDs Asthana, N C & Anjali Nirmal 2016 Rs 3500.00
US Iraq War: An Erosion of UN Authority Sharma, S R 2003 Rs 450.00
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