Dairy Science

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Advanced Dairy Chemistry Vol 1: Proteins in 2 Vols 3rd edn Fox, P F & P L H McSweeney ed 2003 EUR 83.19
Advanced Dairy Chemistry Vol 1A: Proteins Basic Aspects 4th edn McSweeney, Paul L H & P F Fox eds 2013 EUR 199.99
Advances in Livestock Production and Management Kumar, Sunil et al 2014 Rs 4295.00
Animal Biotechnology and the Quality of Meat Production Fiems, L O et al eds 2014 Rs 1795.00
Applied Dairy Microbiology 2nd Revised and Expanded edn Marth, Elmer H & James L Steele eds, Marth, Elmer H & James L Steele eds 2005 Rs 2195.00
Applied Farm Management 2nd edn Turner, Jonathan & Martin Taylor 2014 Rs 3295.00
Artificial Insemination and Treatment of Infertility in Dairy Animals Honnappagol, Suresh S & M K Tandle 2010 Rs 1495.00
Beef Cattle Production Systems (PB) Herring, A 2014 P 39.95
Bioavailability of Nutrients for Animals: Amino Acids Minerals and Vitamins Ammerman, Clarence B et al Eds 2013 Rs 2780.00
Biology of Breeding Poultry Paul, Hockeing 2009 P 110.00
Broiler Breeder Production Leeson, S & J D Summers 2001 Rs 850.00
Chemistry and Testing of Dairy Products 4th edn (PB) Atherton 2000 Rs 350.00
Commercial Dairy Farming to Produce Milk with Project Profiles EIRI 2015 Rs 750.00
Complete Encyclopaedia of Cheese: A Unique Reference to the Many Well Known and Lesser Known Cheeses of the World Callec, Christian 1995 P 12.99
Dairy Derived Ingredients: Food and Nutraceutical Uses Corredig, Milena ed 2014 Rs 4495.00
Dairy Fats and Related Products Tamime, A Y ed 2016 Rs 4495.00
Dairy Ingredients for Food Processing Chandan, Ramesh C & Arun Kilara 2017 Rs 4995.00
Dairy Pashu Parjann: Samasaye evam Parbandhan (HIndi) Kumar, Nishant 2016 Rs 170.00
Dairy Plant Management Puranik, D B 2014 Rs 1250.00
Dairy Processing: Improving Quality Smit, Gerrit ed 2015 Rs 4495.00
Dairy Science and Technology 2nd edn Walstra, Pieter et al 2016 Rs 3995.00
Dairy Science and Technology Handbook Vol 2: Product Manufacturing Hui, Y H  ed 2014 Rs 1095.00
Encyclopaedia of Dairy Science in 4 Vols Set Fuquary, J W et  al 2016 Rs 39995.00
Encyclopaedia of Dairy Sciences in 4 Vols Roginski, Hubert et al eds 2003 $ 2125.00
Fat Rich Dairy Products Thompkinson, D K & Satish Kumar  M H 2015 Rs 2100.00
Genetics of Cattle 2nd edn Garrick, Dorian & Anatoly Ruvinsky 2015 P 125.00
Gut Efficiency: The Key Ingredient in Pig and Poultry Production Elevating Animal Performance and Health Pickard, J A Taylor & P Spring eds 2008 EUR 97.00
Handbook of Dairy Farming: To Produce Milk with Packaging EIRI 2004 Rs 475.00
Handbook of Dairy Foods and Nutrition 3rd edn Miller, Gregory D et al 2014 Rs 4495.00
Handbook of Farm Dairy and Food Machinery Engineering 2nd ed Kutz, Myer ed 2017 Rs 4995.00
Handbook of Functional Dairy Products Shortt, Colette & John O'Brien ed 2014 Rs 4495.00
Handbook on Dairy Milk Products (Hindi) Agarwal, Krishna Kumar 2016 Rs 560.00
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