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Title Author Year Price  
Accounting Theory and Practice 4th ed Lal, Jawahar 2017 Rs 1850.00
Advanced Financial Management Muniraju et al 2017 Rs 850.00
Advertising Research Joshi, Dilip B 2015 Rs 1195.00
Business and Competitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Ideas to Solve Contemporary Issues in Recent Era Akoijam, Sunildro L S et al 2017 Rs 1395.00
Business and Industry M R, Bhavani et al 2017 Rs 950.00
Business Communication Venkatesh, Bharti 2018 Rs 595.00
Consumer Research Yadav, S K 2018 Rs 1495.00
Contemporary Issues in Accounting Vataliya, K S & Bhavik P Parmar 2015 Rs 995.00
Corporate Reporting in India Dey, Sanjeeb Kumar et al 2017 Rs 1250.00
Cost Management Dev, V Prabhu 2017 Rs 750.00
Development of New Enterprises Desai, Vasant 2017 Rs 975.00
E Banking and Financial Inclusion Denis, Litty 2016 Rs 795.00
E Commerce: New Trenda Mishra, Vandana K 2018 Rs 1295.00
E-Commece Dhusia, D K 2017 Rs 995.00
Emerging Paradigms in Finance Prabhakar, Rajeev & Gautam Prasad 2014 Rs 400.00
Encyclopaedia of Accounting in 5 vols Vataliya, K S & Harshad Vataliya 2016 Rs 7500.00
Encyclopaedia of Commerce in 5 vols Padia, Hasmukh R 2016 Rs 7500.00
Foreign Direct Investment in India Since 1991 Bhasin, Nit 2017 Rs 890.00
Foreign Trade Theory Procedures Practices and Documentation: Export Import Procedures and Documentation Jain, Khushpat S & Apexa V Jain 2017 Rs 1595.00
Globalisation of Accounting Standards Ahmad, Fazal 2018 Rs 1650.00
Goods and Services Tax in India: Background Present Structure and Future Challenges Sury, M M 2017 Rs 1285.00
Handbook of Responsible Investment Hebb, Tessa et al 2016 P 150.00
Handbook of Toxicology Pawar, S J 2017 Rs 1295.00
Infrastructure Development and the Role of Public Private Partnership Satyanarayana, G & Madhusudana H S 2017 Rs 1965.00
Infrastructure Financing Strategy: Current Scenario and Perspectives Nayak, P K 2017 Rs 763.00
International Business Jaiswal, Bimal 2017 Rs 1250.00
International Business Dynamics Hrishikesh, M P & Jyoti Gupta 2017 Rs 1450.00
Knowledge Based Intelligent Techniques in Industry Jain, L C et al eds 1999 P 161.00
Managing Global Supply Chains 2nd ed (PB) Basu, Ron & J Nevan Wright 2017 P 48.99
Micro Finance: Issues and Challenges in New Era Biswal, Kailash Chandra 2017 Rs 1250.00
Modern Auditing and Assurance Services Ahmad, Fazal 2018 Rs 1650.00
More Baking Problems Solved Cauvain, Stanley P & Linda S Young 2009 $ 260.00
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