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Title Author Year Price  
Handbook of Lubricants Greases and Petrochemicals Technology (PB) EIRI 2010 Rs 750.00
Handbook of Ototoxicity Miller, Julain J 1985 $ 165.00
Handbook of Perfumes and Flavours (PB) EIRI 2016 Rs 975.00
Handbook of Photosynthesis 2nd edn Pessarakli, Mohammad ed 2016 Rs 7495.00
Handbook of Plant Hormones: Actions and Applications in 2 Vols Gray, William M et al. 2017 P 270.00
Handbook of Proteolytic Enzymes Barrett, Alan J et al eds 1998 P 225.00
Handbook of Solid State Electrochemistry Gellings, P J & H J Bouwmeester 1997 P 184.00
Handbook on Syntheses of Amino Acids: General Routes for the Syntheses of Amino Acids Blaskovich, Mark A 2010 P 105.00
High Pressure Fluid Technology for Green Food Processing Fornari, Tiziana & Roumiana P Stateva 2015 EUR 169.99
History of Biochemistry: Selected Topics in the History of Biochemistry Exploring the Cell Membrane Kleinzeller ed 1995 Rs 1000.00
Immunotoxicology and Risk Assessment Flaherty, Dennis K 1999 EUR 139.95
Industrial Biotechnology Singh, Rita & S K Ghosh 2018 Rs 1500.00
Industrial Chemical Exposure: Guidelines for Biological Monitoring 2nd edn Lauwerys, Robert R & Perrine Hoet 1993 $ 104.95
Industrial Chemicals Technology Handbook: Handbook of Industtrial Chemicals (PB) EIRI 2005 Rs 1100.00
Inorganic Ion Exchangers in Chemical Analysis Qureshi, Mohsin & K G Varshney eds 1991 P 371.00
Instant Notes: Analytical Chemistry (PB) Kealey 2016 Rs 525.00
Instant Notes: Inorganic Chemistry 2nd edn (PB) Cox 2016 Rs 525.00
Instant Notes: Medicinal Chemistry (PB) Patrick, G 2015 Rs 525.00
Instant Notes: Organic Chemistry 2nd edn (PB) Patrik, Graham 2015 Rs 525.00
Instrumental Methods for Quality Assurance in Foods Fung, Daniel Y C & Richard F Matthews 2017 Rs 2495.00
Introduction to Chemistry McPherson, W & W E Henderson 2010 $ 120.00
Introduction to Ecological Biochemistry 4th edn Harborne, J B 2014 $ 72.95
Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry 5th edn (PB) Patrick, Graham L 2017 Rs 1995.00
Introduction to Toxicology and Food Altug, Tomris 2014 Rs 1895.00
Laboratory Instrumentation 4th edn Haven, Mary C et al 2011 Rs 1095.00
Laboratory Techniques in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Vol 11: Isoelectric Focusing Theory Methodology Work, T S & E Work ed 1983 Rs 1200.00
Laboratory Techniques in Electroanalytical Chemistry Kissinger, Peter T & William R Heineman 1984 Rs 3000.00
Leaf Protein Concentrates Telek, Lehel Horace D Graham 1983 $ 115.00
Ligands Receptors and Signal Transduction in Regulation of Lymphocyte Function Cambier, John C ed 1990 $ 115.95
Liquid Rosin Tall Oil Production Uses Extraction Processing Composition and Fourmulations Handbook (PB) EIRI 2018 Rs 1275.00
Magnetization Oscillations and Waves Gurevich, A G & G A Melkov 1996 P 232.00
Mammalian Parenting: Biochemical Neurobiology and Behavioural Determinants Krasnegor, Norman A 1990 P 70.00
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