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Title Author Year Price  
Engineering Chemistry with Experiments (PB) Rattan, Sunita 2017 Rs 265.00
Enological Chemistry Moreno, Juan & Rafael Feinado 2012 $ 119.95
Enzymes Biochemistry Biotechnology Clinical Chemistry Palmer 2008 Rs 525.00
Essential Guide to Food Additives 3rd Edn Emerton, Victoria & Eugenia Choi 2008 P 121.99
Essentials of Chemistry 2nd edn (PB) Burns, Ralph A 1995 Rs 1495.00
Experimental Pharmcognosy and Phytochemistry (PB) Khadabadi, S S et al 2016 Rs 545.00
Experiments in Green and Sustainable Chemistry Kolb, Carl J 2019 Rs 1950.00
Experiments in Inorganic Chemistry Ram, Tilak 2018 Rs 1650.00
Flavoprotein Protocols (PB) Chapman, Stephen K & Graeme A Reid eds 1999 EUR 154.99
Flavor Chemistry and Technology 2nd edn Reineccius, Gary 2016 Rs 3995.00
Foams: Physics Chemistry and Structure Wilson, A J ed 1989 DM 154.00
Food Biopreservation: Analytical Techniques Ghanbari, Mahdi & Jami, Mansooreh et al 2017 P 120.00
Food Chemistry (PB) Meyer, Lillian Hoagland 2004 Rs 350.00
Food Chemistry: A Laboratory Manual (PB) Miller, D D 2014 Rs 895.00
Food Enrichment with Omega-3 Fatty Acids Jacobsen, Charlotte et al eds 2013 $ 250.00
Formulations and Manufacturing Processes of Vanishing all Purpose and Foundation Creams..:Complete Formulae Book on Cosmetic Products (PB) EIRI 2017 Rs 900.00
Freshwater Phytopharmaceutical Compounds Ramesh, Santhanam et al 2014 P 132.00
Fruit and Vegetable Phytochemicals Rosa, Laura A de la et al eds 2016 Rs 4995.00
Fundamentals of Chemistry Patil, Rakesh V & Madhukar G Kasar 2019 Rs 2195.00
Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry Ram, Tilak 2018 Rs 1750.00
Future of Glycerol 2nd edn Pagliaro, Mario & Michele Rossi 2010 P 95.00
G Proteins Receptors and Disease Spiegel, Allen M ed 1998 EUR 229.00
GABA Receptors 2nd edn Enna, S J & Norman G Bowery eds 1997 $ 145.00
Geography of Phytochemical Races Bohm, Bruce A 2015 EUR 209.00
Glossary of Phytochemicals Saroya, Amritpal Singh ed 2006 Rs 1600.00
Glycoprotein Analysis in Biomedicine (PB) Hounsell, Elizabeth F ed 1993 EUR 144.99
Green Flouroescent Proteins Sullivan, Kevin F & Steve A Kay eds 1999 $ 93.95
Green Organic Chemistry in Lecture and Laboratory Dicks, Andrew P ed 2016 Rs 2995.00
Guidebook to the Cytoskeletal and Motor Proteins 2nd edn Kreis, Thomas & Ronald Vale eds 1999 P 48.00
Handbook of Air Toxics: Sampling Analysis and Properties Keith, Lawrence H & M M Walker 1995 P 200.00
Handbook of Biologically Active Peptides 2nd edn Kastin, Abba J ed 2013 $ 250.00
Handbook of Capillary Electrophoresis 2nd edn Landers, James P ed 1997 P 121.00
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