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Comet Assay in Toxicology Dhawan, Alok & Diana Anderson eds 2009 P 139.99
Complete Handbook on Paints Varnish Resins Copolymers and Coatings wirh Manufacturing Process Formulations and Technology (PB) EIRI 2017 Rs 900.00
Complete Technology Book on Herbicides Fungicides Nematicides Weedicides and Other Agro Chemicals with Formulations (PB) Panda, Himadri 2018 Rs 1200.00
Complete Technology Book on Honey Processing and Formoulations(PB) Panda, Himadri 2017 Rs 950.00
Complete Technology Book on Perfumes Agarbatti Dhoopbatti Attar and Other Products Manufacturing and Formulations with Project Profiles (PB) EIRI 2017 Rs 950.00
Complete Technology Book on Soaps Detergents Cleaners and Fragrance with Formulae (PB) EIRI 2017 Rs 1100.00
Complete Technology of Lubricating Oils Synthesis of Lubricants Additives Re Refining of used Lubricating Oil Base Oil and Greases: Manufacturing with Formulations EIRI 2018 Rs 975.00
Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry Vol 57: Green Analytical Chemistry Guardia, Miguel De La & Sergio Armenta 2011 $ 290.00
Comprehensive Insect Physiology Biochemistry and Pharmacology Vol 13 Kerkut, G A & L I Gilbert eds 1985 $ 231.00
Comprehensive Toxicology Vol 01: General Principles Bond, James et al eds 1997 $ 175.00
Comprehensive Toxicology Vol 02: Toxicological Testing and Evaluation Williams, Patricia D & G H Hottendorf 1997 $ 235.00
Comprehensive Toxicology Vol 09: Hepatic and Gastrointestinal Toxicology McCuskey, Robert S & D L Earnest eds 1997 $ 325.00
Cosmetics Process and Formulations Handbook: With Herbal Cosmetics Technology and Formulae (PB) EIRI 2016 Rs 1475.00
Crystallographic Methods and Protocols Jones, Christopher et al eds 1996 $ 89.50
Cytokines and the CNS Ransohoff, Richard M & Etty N Benveniste 2005 P 161.00
Design of Steel Structures Vol 1 13th edn Chandra, Ram & Virendra Gehlot 2016 Rs 650.00
Design of Steel Structures Vol 2 13th edn Chandra, Ram & Virendra Gehlot 2015 Rs 625.00
Dictionary of Inorganic Chemistry Daintith, John 2004 $ 68.75
Dictionary of Organic Chemistry Daintith, John 2004 $ 49.50
Dietary Anticarcinogens and Antimutagens: Chemical and Biological Aspects Johnson, I T & G R Fenwick eds 2000 P 155.00
Directed Enzymes Evolution: Screening and Selection Methods Arnold, Frances H & George Georgiou eds 2003 EUR 144.99
Documentary History of Biochemistry 1770-1940 Teich, Mikulas 1992 P 80.00
Drinking Water Chemistry: A Laboratory Manual Hauser, Barbara A 2016 Rs 1995.00
Dyes and Drugs: New Uses and Implications Trimm, Harold H et al eds 2016 Rs 2995.00
Emulsification and Polymerization of Alkyd Resins Gooch, Jan W 2002 EUR 99.95
Encyclopaedia of Biological Chemistry in 4 Vols Lennarz, William J & M Daniel Lane eds 2004 $ 1735.00
Encyclopaedia of Chemistry in 4 Vols Chaudhary, G N & P N Nathe 2018 Rs 9800.00
Encyclopaedia of Food: The Chemistry of its Components in 3 Vols Cruz, Renato Souza et al 2017 P 360.00
Encyclopaedia of Pesticide Chemistry and Biosciences in 3 Vols Raina, Renata et al 2017 P 360.00
Encyclopaedia of Soil Analysis: Chemistry Physical and Biological Properties in 3 Vols Anderson, Roy C et al eds 2017 P 360.00
Encyclopaedia of the Chemistry of Plant Pigments in 3 Vols Aizza, Lilian Cristina Baldon 2017 P 360.00
Encyclopedia of Computational Chemistry A to Z in 5 Vols Schleyer, Paul Von Rague et al 1998 $ 8485.00
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