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Annual Review of Physical Chemistry Vol 32 Rabinovitch, B S et al eds 1981 $ 65.00
Application of Heat and Chemicals in the Control of Biofouling Events in Wells Alford, George & Roy Cullimore 1999 P 126.00
Applications of Molecular Biology in Environmental Chemistry Minear, Roger A et al eds 1995 P 178.00
Applied Manure and Nutrient Chemistry for Sustainabe Agriculture and Environment He, Zhongqi & Hailin Zhang 2015 EUR 184.99
Basic Concepts of Environmental Chemistry 2nd edn Connell, Des W 2016 Rs 2995.00
Basics of Chemistry Kumari, Sanju 2019 Rs 1995.00
Bifunctional Compounds (PB) Ward, Robert S 2004 P 15.99
Biocatalysis and Biodegradation: Microbial Transformation of Organic Compounds Wackett, Lawrence P & C D Hershberger 2001 $ 59.95
Biological Control of Plant Diseases Chincholkar, S B & Mukerji, K G 2016 Rs 3295.00
Bioorganic Chemistry: Deoxysugars Polyketides and Related Classes (PB) Rohr, J ed 2000 EUR 94.99
Chemical Calulations Mathematics for Chemistry Schmidt, Cyril 2019 Rs 2195.00
Chemical Contaminants in Human Milk Jensen, Allan Astrup & Stuart A Slorach 1991 P 371.00
Chemical Ecology of Insects Vol 2 (PB) Caroe, Ring T & William J Bell 1995 EUR 189.99
Chemical Fixation of Carbon Dioxide: Methods for Recycling CO2 into Useful Products Halmann, Martin M 1993 P 161.00
Chemical Genomics: Reviews and Protocols Zanders, Edward D 2005 EUR 144.99
Chemical Property Estimation: Theory and Application Baum, Edward J 1998 P 126.00
Chemical Reaction Hazards: A Guide to Safety 2nd edn Barton, John & Richard Rogers 1997 $ 175.00
Chemical Soil Stabilization Saljnikov, Elmira et al 2017 P 120.00
Chemistry and Technology of Pectin Walter, Reginald H ed 1991 $ 223.00
Chemistry in the Kitchen Garden Hanson, James R 2011 P 24.99
Chemistry of Cosmetics and Perfumes: For Skill Enhancement in Chemistry Wani, Waseem A et al 2018 Rs 695.00
Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: Isoxazole and Its Derivatives Shaik, Firoz Pasha 2018 Rs 900.00
Chemistry of Pesticides (PB) Roy, N K 2013 Rs 425.00
Chemistry of Pesticides: Their Metabolism Mode of Action and Uses in Crop Protection (PB) Hassall Kenneth A 2013 Rs 575.00
Chemistry of Plants: Perfumes Pigments and Poisons (PB) Sequin, Margareta 2012 P 24.99
Chemistry of Soil Constituents Greenland, D J & M H B Hayes 2015 Rs 3995.00
Chemometrics in Food Chemistry Marini, Federico ed 2013 $ 200.00
Chlorinated Dioxins and Dibenzofurans in Perspective Rappe, Christoffer et al eds 1987 $ 91.95
Cis Trans Isomerisation in Biochemistry Dugave, Christophe ed 2006 $ 282.00
Co and Post Translational Modification of Proteins: ChemicalPrinciples and Biological Effects Graves, Donald J et al 1994 P 52.50
Collection of Simulated XRD Powder Patterns for Zeolites 4thedn Treacy, M M J & J B Higgins 2001 $ 210.00
Combinatorial Chemistry Fenniri, Hicham ed 2000 P 47.50
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