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Title Author Year Price  
Forest Botany Shanmughavel, P 2014 Rs 800.00
Functional Assessment of Wetlands: Towards Evaluation of Ecosystem Services with CD Maltby, Edward ed 2009 P 195.00
Fundamentals of Fungi Narain, Udit & Mukesh Srivastava 2006 Rs 750.00
Fundamentals of Plant Pathology Pathak, V N et al 2012 Rs 1500.00
Fungal Cell Wall: Structure Synthesis and Assembly 2nd edn Herrera, Jose Ruiz 2012 P 86.00
Fungal Diagnostics: Methods and Protocols Press, Humana 2013 EUR 94.95
Fungi and Plant Anatomy Yadav, Amit 2015 Rs 1800.00
Fungi and Plant Diseases Bennett, F T 1998 Rs 500.00
Fungi Which Cause Plant Disease Stevens, F L 2015 Rs 1250.00
Fungous Diseases of Plants: With Chapters on Physiology Culture Methods and Technique Duggar, Benjamin Minge 0 Rs 800.00
G M P for Botanicals: Regulatory and Quality Issues on Phytomedicines Verpoorte, Robert & Pulok K Mukherjee ed 2003 Rs 2500.00
Gene Manipulations in Fungi Bennett, J W & Linda L Lasure eds 2015 Rs 3995.00
Genetic Diversity of Cultivated Tropical Plants Hamon, Perla et al 2003 P 62.99
Genetics Genomics and Breeding of Forage Crops Cai, Hongwei et al eds 2014 P 76.99
Genus Carex L (Cyperaceae) in the Kashmir Himalaya India: A Taxonomic Appraisal Haq, Ehtisham Ul ¬†et al 2016 Rs 2450.00
Grography of Phytochemical Races Bohm, Bruce A 2015 EUR 169.99
Growth and Development in Plant Krishnamurthy, K V 2015 Rs 2695.00
Handbook of Botany Brimble, L J F 1994 Rs 750.00
Handbook of Botany Dwivedi, Lalit Kumar 2013 Rs 4995.00
Handbook of Fungi Swanton, E W 2005 Rs 800.00
Handbook of Indian Bamboos Negi, S S & H B Naithani 0 Rs 450.00
Handbook of Morphology Spencer, Andrew & A M Zwicky eds 2001 P 29.99
Handbook of Photosynthesis 2nd edn Pessarakli, Mohammad ed 2016 Rs 7495.00
Handbook of Plant Genome Mapping: Genetic and Physical Mapping Meksem, Khalid & Guenther Kahl eds 2005 $ 307.95
Handbook of Plant Virus Diseases Sutic, Dragolijub D et al 2014 Rs 5495.00
Handbook of Soil Fungi Nagamani, A et al 2006 Rs 2495.00
Handbook of Weed Management Systems Smith, Albert E 2015 Rs 6995.00
Haptophyte Algae Green, J C & B S C Leadbeater eds 1994 P 80.00
Herbarium Jain, Usha & Praveen Mohil 2017 Rs 795.00
Himalayan Orchid: Distribution and Taxonomy Singh, Bikarma 2015 Rs 1599.00
Identification of Crop and Weed Seeds Musil, Albina F 2015 Rs 1450.00
Identification of the Larger Fungi Watling, Roy 2017 Rs 1750.00
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