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Title Author Year Price  
Encyclopaedia of Applied Plant Science in 3 Vols Thomas, Brain et al 2013 Rs 29995.00
Encyclopaedia of Botany in 4 Vols Jadhav, D R & Zingare A K 2018 Rs 9800.00
Ethnobotany Singh, M P & Alka Kumari 2014 Rs 885.00
Ethnobotany of Cold Desert Tribes of Lahoul Spiti: N W Himalaya (PB) Sood, S K et al 2001 Rs 400.00
Evolutlion of Plant Form Ambrose, Barbara & Michael Purugganan 2013 $ 219.95
Exercises in Plant Physiology 2nd ed Devlin, Robert M et al 2017 Rs 1295.00
Explorer`s Garden Shrubs and Vines: From the Four Corners of the World Hinkley, Daniel J 2009 P 30.00
Fascinating Microfungi Hyphomycetes of Western Ghats India Bhat, D Jayarama 2010 Rs 1800.00
Fauna Britannica: Natural History Myths and Legends Folklore Tales and Traditions Buczacki, Stefan 2002 P 40.00
Flora of Jaunsar Bawar: Chakrata Hills Western Himalaya with Ethnobotanical Notes Agarwal, Santosh Kumar 2017 Rs 5850.00
Flora of Mandi District Himachal Pradesh: North West Himalaya Singh, P B 2018 Rs 5450.00
Flora of South Central Rajasthan Yadav, B L & K L Meena 2011 Rs 2895.00
Flora of the Presidency of Madras in 3 Vols Gamble, J S 2013 Rs 1500.00
Fluorescing World of Plant Secreting Cells Roshchina, Victoria V 2008 P 66.99
Forest Botany Shanmughavel, P 2014 Rs 800.00
Forest Ecology and Economic Botany Pahare, Shikha 2016 Rs 1450.00
Foundations of Ethnobotany: 21st Century Perspective Chandra, Sudhir 2017 Rs 1795.00
From Plant Genomics to Plant Biotechnology Poltronieri, Palmiro et al 2017 Rs 1995.00
Frontiers in Microbial Biotechnology and Plant Pathology Manoharachary, C et al eds 2002 Rs 1950.00
Functional Assessment of Wetlands: Towards Evaluation of Ecosystem Services with CD Maltby, Edward ed 2009 P 195.00
Functional Biology of Plants Hulasare, Raj 2017 $ 179.00
Fundamentals of Botany (PB) Shah, Rayees Ahmad 2018 Rs 350.00
Fungal Cell Wall: Structure Synthesis and Assembly 2nd edn Herrera, Jose Ruiz 2012 P 109.00
Fungi and Plant Diseases Bennett, F T 1998 Rs 500.00
Fungicides in Crop Protection Khuspe, Harshad 2017 $ 179.00
Gene Manipulations in Fungi Bennett, J W & Linda L Lasure eds 2015 Rs 3995.00
Genetic Diversity of Cultivated Tropical Plants Hamon, Perla et al 2003 P 62.99
Genetics Genomics and Breeding of Forage Crops Cai, Hongwei et al eds 2014 P 106.00
Glimpses of Ethnobotany and Medicinal plants of Manipur North East India Das, Ajit Kumar et al 2017 Rs 1200.00
Glossary of Plant Tissue Culture Donnelly, Danielle J et al 1988 P 20.00
Green Education: Plants for Fun and Game Satapathy, Mahendra K & S S Bisoi 2018 Rs 1995.00
Handbook of Botany Vol 2 Austin Balfour 2015 $ 150.00
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