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Title Author Year Price  
From Plant Genomics to Plant Biotechnology Poltronieri, Palmiro et al 2017 Rs 1995.00
Functional Assessment of Wetlands: Towards Evaluation of Ecosystem Services with CD Maltby, Edward ed 2009 P 195.00
Functional Biology of Plants Hulasare, Raj 2017 $ 179.00
Fundamentals of Botany (PB) Shah, Rayees Ahmad 2018 Rs 350.00
Fundamentals of Plant Virology Matthews, R E F 2013 Rs 2795.00
Fungal Cell Wall: Structure Synthesis and Assembly 2nd edn Herrera, Jose Ruiz 2012 P 109.00
Fungi and Plant Diseases Bennett, F T 1998 Rs 500.00
Fungicides in Crop Protection Khuspe, Harshad 2017 $ 179.00
Gene Manipulations in Fungi Bennett, J W & Linda L Lasure eds 2015 Rs 3995.00
Genetic Diversity of Cultivated Tropical Plants Hamon, Perla et al 2003 P 62.99
Genetics Genomics and Breeding of Forage Crops Cai, Hongwei et al eds 2014 P 106.00
Glimpses of Ethnobotany and Medicinal plants of Manipur North East India Das, Ajit Kumar et al 2017 Rs 1200.00
Glossary of Plant Tissue Culture Donnelly, Danielle J et al 1988 P 20.00
Green Education: Plants for Fun and Game Satapathy, Mahendra K & S S Bisoi 2018 Rs 1995.00
Handbook of Botany Vol 2 Austin Balfour 2015 $ 150.00
Handbook of Flowering Plants of Nepal Vol 1: Gymnosperms and Angiosperms Cycadaceae Betulaceae Shrestha, Krishna K et al 2018 Rs 3850.00
Handbook of Fungal Biotechnology 2nd revised and expanded edn Arora, Dilip K et al eds 2016 Rs 6995.00
Handbook of Industrial Mycology An, Zhiqiang ed 2016 Rs 6495.00
Handbook of Photosynthesis 2nd edn Pessarakli, Mohammad ed 2016 Rs 7495.00
Handbook of Plant Pathology (PB) Singh, Ajit Kumar 2016 Rs 350.00
Handbook of Plant Virus Diseases Sutic, Dragolijub D et al 2014 Rs 5495.00
Handbook of Some South Indian Weeds Tadulingam, C & G Venkatanarayana 2018 Rs 3195.00
Handbook of Weed Management Systems Smith, Albert E 2015 Rs 6995.00
Identification of Crop and Weed Seeds Musil, Albina F 2015 Rs 1650.00
Identification of the Larger Fungi Watling, Roy 2017 Rs 1750.00
Illustrated Dictionary of Floriculture and Landscaping Ranchana, P et al 2017 Rs 2995.00
Indian Charophyta Subramanian, D 2018 Rs 1595.00
Intrazooplankton Predation Dumont, H J et al eds 1990 EUR 229.00
Introduction to Crops of India 2nd ed (PB) Das, N R 2017 Rs 400.00
Introduction to Ethnobotany Kumar, U 2013 Rs 1595.00
Introduction to Fungi 4th edn Dube, H C 2013 Rs 2250.00
Introduction to Fungi and Plant Diseases Bannett, F T 2008 Rs 850.00
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