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A to Z in Ethnobotany: Dictionary of words and who's who in Indian ethnobotany Jain, S K & Ashok K Jain 2014 Rs 500.00
Advance Concepts in Plant Science Sharma, Sanjay Kumar 2013 Rs 1375.00
Advances in Botanical Research Vol 41: Incorporating Advances in Plant Pathology Callow, J A ed 2004 $ 245.00
Advances in Botanical Research Vol 43: Incorporating Advances in Plant Pathology Callow, J A ed 2006 $ 245.00
Agri Facts: Objective Plant Protection for ARS NET JRF SRF UPSC SAUs Exams Prasad, S V Sai ¬†et al eds 2013 Rs 450.00
Agri Facts: Plant Breeding Useful for JRF ARS NET SAU PhD IFFOC NFL and Other Competitive Exams (PB) Prasad, S V Sai & G P Singh 2016 Rs 320.00
Agri Wizard for UPSC PSCs ARS/NET/SRF/JRF and Pre PG Examinations 3rd edn (PB) Shivram, R K et al eds 2013 Rs 333.00
Alga Dunaliella: Biodiversity Physiology Genomics and Biotechnology Amotz, Ami Ben et al eds 2009 P 96.00
Algal Biology and Biotechnology Khattar, J I S et al eds 2009 Rs 1195.00
Annual Plant Reviews Vol 33: Intracellular Signaling in Plants Yang, Zhenbiao 2015 Rs 3895.00
Annual Review of Plant Physiology and Plant Molecular Biology Vol 49 Jones, Russell L et al eds 1998 $ 130.00
Antiviral Compounds from Plants Hudson, James B 1990 $ 203.00
Apomixis in Plants Asker, S E & L Jerling 2015 Rs 3495.00
Applied Plant Virology Sharma, Jaidev 2017 $ 189.00
Artificial Photosynthesis Najafpour, Mohammad Mahdi ed 2014 $ 104.95
Asteraceae of Sikkim Kumar, S & V Singh 2001 Rs 400.00
Beneficial Fungi: Importance and their Use Sharma, Sanjay Kumar 2016 Rs 1850.00
Biodiversity of Mangrove Ecosystem Kathiresan, K & S Z Qasim 2005 Rs 875.00
Biodiversity of Mangroves Chaudhuri, A B 2007 Rs 1695.00
Botany: The Science of Plant Life Balfour Austin 2015 $ 150.00
Botany: Theory and Concepts Parker, Harvey 2013 $ 110.00
Breeding Crop Plants Hayes, H K & R J Garber 2007 Rs 1500.00
British Pharmacopoeia: Comparing the Strenght of its Various Preparations in 4 Vols Squire, Peter Wyatt 2010 Rs 16500.00
British Plant Communities Vol 4: Aquatic Communities Swampsand Tall Herb Fens Rodwell, J S ed 1995 P 70.00
Celebration of Flowers: Two Hundred Years of Curtis's Botanical Magazine Desmond, Ray 1987 Rs 1200.00
Cell Components: Modern Methods of Plant Analysis Linskens, H F & J F Jackson eds 2009 Rs 1995.00
Cereals and Millets: Genome Mapping and Molecular Breeding in Plants Vol 1 Kole, Chittaranjan 2013 Rs 2995.00
Coccolithophores Winter, Amos & William G Siesser eds 1994 P 95.00
Colour Atlas of Plant Propagation and Conservation Bowes, Bryan G 1999 P 29.95
Community Structure and the Niche Giller, Paul S 1984 DFL 74.50
Compendium of Indian Folk Medicine and Ethnobotany (1991-2015) Jain, Vartika, & S K Jain 2016 Rs 3500.00
Comprehensive and Molecular Phytopathology Dyakov, Yu T et al eds 2014 Rs 3295.00
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