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Combinatorial Library: Methods and Protocols English, Lisa Bellavance ed 2002 EUR 144.99
Combinatorial Peptide Library Protocols Cabilly, Shmuel ed 1998 EUR 144.99
Comparative Genomics and Proteomics in Drug Discovery Parrington, John & Kevin Coward eds 2007 P 121.00
Complex Carbohydrates and Advances in Biosciences Agrawal, V P 0 Rs 600.00
Comprehensive Toxicology Vol 01: General Principles Bond, James et al eds 1997 $ 175.00
Computational Genetics and Genomics: Tools for Understanding Disease Peltz, Gary Ed 2016 EUR 164.99
Concepts of Molecular Genetics (PB) Singh, K P 2016 Rs 395.00
Crop Production Stress Environmnets: Genetic and Management Options Singh, D P et al 2013 Rs 2995.00
Crystallographic Methods and Protocols Jones, Christopher et al eds 1996 $ 89.50
Cytoskeleton and Cell Motility: Tertiary Level Biology Preston, T M et al 1990 P 45.00
Desk Encyclopaedia of General Virology Mahy, Brian W J & M H V V Regernmortel 2010 $ 116.00
Desk Encyclopaedia of Plant and Fungal Virology Mahy, Brian W J & M H V V Regernmortel 2013 Rs 4495.00
Developmental Behaviour Genetics: Neural Biometrical and Evolutionary Approaches Hahn, Martin E et al eds 1990 $ 65.00
Diagnostic Bacteriology Protocols Howard, Jenny & David M Whitcombe eds 1995 $ 115.00
Dictionary of Indian Folk Medicine and Ethnobotany Jain, S K 2015 Rs 1700.00
Dictyostelium discoideum Protocols Eichinger, Ludwig & Francisco Rivero 2006 EUR 209.00
Directed Evolution Library Creation: Methods and Protocols Arnold, Frances H & George Georgiou eds 2003 EUR 154.99
DNA Cloning 4: Mammalian Systems 2nd edn Glover, D M & B D Hames ed 1995 P 30.00
DNA Methylation Protocols Mills, Ken I & Bernard H Ramsahoye eds 2002 EUR 74.95
DNA Sequencing Protocols 2nd edn (PB) Graham, Colin A & Alison J M Hill eds 2001 EUR 129.99
DNA Viruses Replication Cann, Alan J ed 2000 P 74.00
DNA Viruses: A Practical Approach Cann, Alan J ed 1999 P 70.00
Dynamic Biological Organisation: Fundamentals as Applied to Cellular Systems Aon, M A & S Cortassa 1997 EUR 319.00
E Coli: Shiga Toxin Methods and Protocols Philpott, Dana & Frank Ebel eds 2003 EUR 154.99
Economic Botany and Plant Genetic Resources: At a Glance (PB) Kumar, Amit et al 2015 Rs 200.00
Ecosystem Function in Heterogeneous Landscapes (PB) Lovett, Gary M et al 2005 EUR 109.99
Elements of Genetics (PB) Singh, Phundan 2016 Rs 350.00
Encyclopaedia of Genetics Reeve, Eric C R ed 2001 $ 460.00
Encyclopaedia of Genetics Genomics Proteomics and Informatics 3rd edn in 2 Vols Redei, George P 2008 EUR 799.00
Endocrine Genetics and Genetics of Growth Papadatos, Costas J & C S Bartsocas eds 1985 $ 64.00
Energy Sources for Cells BIOTOL 1992 P 29.99
Enjoyments in Genetics and Biotechnology: An Easy Handbook Sett, Rupnarayan 2015 Rs 3895.00
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