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Biotechnology and Genetics in Fisheries and Aquaculture Datt, Gurucharan 2016 Rs 3000.00
Biotechnology and Insect Pest Management Kumar, Mukul 2016 Rs 3000.00
Biotechnology and its Application in Agricultural Science Khan, Masud 2016 Rs 3000.00
Biotechnology and Plant Disease Management Punja, Z K et al eds 2007 P 115.00
Biotechnology and Plant Pathology Ahmad, Sarfaraz 2016 Rs 3000.00
Biotechnology and Sustainable Development Voices of the South and North Serageldin, I & G J Persley eds 2003 P 100.00
Biotechnology and the Improvement of Forage Legumes McKersie, B D & D C W Brown eds 1997 P 125.00
Biotechnology Annual Review Vol 12 Elgewely, M Raafat ed 2006 $ 270.00
Biotechnology Explorations: Applying the Fundamentals Scheppler, Judith A et al 2000 P 34.00
Biotechnology for Agriculture and Environment Singh, Pradeep Kumar 2016 Rs 1799.00
Biotechnology for Food Agriculture and Environment Sinha, S K 2017 Rs 3000.00
Biotechnology for Fruit Crop Improvement Kumar, Mukul 2016 Rs 3000.00
Biotechnology in Agriculture and Environment Sharma, Usha 2016 Rs 3000.00
Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry Vol 57: Plant Metabolomics Saito, K et al 2006 EUR 263.00
Biotechnology in Animal Health and Production Jindal, S K & M C Sharma 2010 Rs 1250.00
Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry Renaville, R & A Burny eds 2008 Rs 2095.00
Biotechnology in Crop Improvement Trivedi, P C 2016 Rs 1600.00
Biotechnology in Horticulture: Methods and Applications Peter, K V 2013 Rs 3350.00
Biotechnology in India in 2 Vols Scheper 2008 Rs 5990.00
Biotechnology in India: Initiatives and Accomplishments Bag, Niladri, Bag, Arundhati 2016 Rs 1950.00
Biotechnology in Plant Improvement Sharma, Usha 2016 Rs 3000.00
Biotechnology in Sustainable and Organic Farming Singh, Manoj Kumar 2016 Rs 3000.00
Biotechnology of Neglected and Underutilized Crops Jain, Shri Mohan & S Dutta Gupta 2015 EUR 239.00
Biotechnology Vol 4 Thara, K M 2009 Rs 950.00
Biotechnology: A Textbook of Industrial Microbiology 3rd edn (PB) Crueger, Wulf & Anneliese Crueger 2017 Rs 695.00
Biotechnology: Current Progress Vol 1 Cheremisinoff, N P & L M Ferrante eds 1991 $ 74.95
Biotechnology: Fundamentals and Applications 4th edn (PB) Purohit, S S 2015 Rs 450.00
Biotechnology: Progress and Prospects Khurana, S M Paul & Machiavelli Singh 2015 $ 125.00
Biotechnology: Useful for JRF, ARS/NET, SAU, Ph.D, IFFCO, NFL and other Competitive Exams (PB) Prasad, S V Sai 2016 Rs 260.00
Biotransformations and Bioprocesses Doble, Mukesh & Anil Kumar Kruthiventi 2016 Rs 2995.00
Botanical Histochemistry: Principles and Practice Jensen. William J 2015 Rs 2895.00
Bread and Its Fortification: Nutrition and Health Benefits Rosell, Cristina M et al 2015 P 89.00
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