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Bioinformatics Barcoding and Benefit Sharing in Biodiversity Muthuchelian, K 2016 Rs 2899.00
Bioinformatics for Systems Biology Krawetz, Stephen 2009 EUR 184.99
Bioinformatics: Genes Proteins and Computers (PB) Orengo, C A et al 2008 Rs 995.00
Biological and Biotechnological Control of Insect Pests Rechcigl, Jack E & Nancy A Rechcigl 2014 Rs 3995.00
Biological Low Voltage Scanning Electron Microscopy Schatten, Heide & James Pawley Ed 2009 EUR 200.00
Biological NMR Spectroscopy Markley, John L & Stanley J Opella eds 1997 P 53.00
Biology and Biotechnology: Science Applications and Issues (PB) Kreuzer, Helen & Adrianne Massey 2005 Rs 1495.00
Biomembrane Protocols II: Architecture and Function Graham, John & Joan Higgins eds 1994 EUR 79.95
Biopolymer Methods in Tissue Engineering Hollander, Anthony P & P V Hatton eds 2004 EUR 144.99
Biopolymers in Food Colloids Fucinos, Clara et al 2016 P 110.00
Bioprocesses and Biotechnology for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals Neeser, Jean Richard & J Bruce German ed 2017 Rs 3495.00
Biosynthesis and the Integration of Cell Metabolism (PB) BIOTOL 1992 P 29.99
Biotech Informatics Jha, Amit Kumar 2018 Rs 1100.00
Biotechnological Applications in Environment and Agriculture Singh, Braj Kishore P 2018 Rs 1495.00
Biotechnological Applications in Fish Seed Production Betsy, C Judith et al 2017 Rs 2895.00
Biotechnological Approaches for Pest Management and Ecological Sustainability Sharma, Hari C 2014 Rs 5495.00
Biotechnological Innovations in Animal Productivity BIOTOL 1992 P 40.00
Biotechnological Innovations in Crop Improvement (PB) BIOTOL 2004 Rs 995.00
Biotechnology (Hindi) Purohit, S S & Shivangi Mathur 2012 Rs 1200.00
Biotechnology (PB) Daugherty, Ellyn 2015 Rs 1195.00
Biotechnology and Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Processing and Preservation Avis, Kenneth E & Vincent L Wu 2011 Rs 1995.00
Biotechnology and its Application in Agricultural Science Singh, B K P 2018 Rs 1395.00
Biotechnology and Sustainable Development Voices of the South and North Serageldin, I & G J Persley eds 2003 P 105.00
Biotechnology and the Improvement of Forage Legumes McKersie, B D & D C W Brown eds 1997 P 125.00
Biotechnology Annual Review Vol 12 Elgewely, M Raafat ed 2006 $ 290.00
Biotechnology Engineering Jha, Amit Kumar 2018 Rs 1300.00
Biotechnology Food Fermentation Singh, S K 2018 Rs 1395.00
Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry Renaville, R & A Burny eds 2008 Rs 2095.00
Biotechnology in India in 2 Vols Scheper 2008 Rs 5990.00
Biotechnology Industries Kumar, Rakesh 2018 Rs 1500.00
Biotechnology of Neglected and Underutilized Crops Jain, Shri Mohan & S Dutta Gupta 2015 EUR 239.00
Biotechnology Risks Safety and Ethics Jha, Amit Kumar 2018 Rs 1850.00
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