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Microbiology of the Terrestrial Deep Subsurface Amy, Penny S & D L Haldeman ed 1997 P 97.00
Microbiology of Waterborne Diseases Percival, S L 2004 $ 175.00
Microbiology: Fundamentals and Applications 7th edn Purohit, S S 2017 Rs 2500.00
Microfluidics for Biological Applications Tian, Wei Cheng & Erin Finehout eds 2009 EUR 184.99
Modern Approach to Biology Vol 2 (PB) Bhattacharyya, R N et al eds 0 Rs 65.00
Molecular and Cellular biology of Filamentous Fungi Talbot, Nick 0 Rs 595.00
Molecular and Cellular Glycobiology Fukuda, Minoru & Ole Hindsgaul eds 2000 P 29.95
Molecular Biology (Series the Plant Sciences Vol 2) Howell, Stephen H 2014 EUR 199.00
Molecular Biology and Physiology of Water and Solute Transport Hohmann, Stefan & Sore Nielsen eds 2000 EUR 129.95
Molecular Biology and Recombinant DNA Technology: A Practical Book Kumar, Ashok 2011 Rs 1995.00
Molecular Biology of B Cells Honjo, Tasuku et al eds 2004 $ 190.00
Molecular Biology of Plant Viruses Mandahar, C L ed 2009 Rs 695.00
Molecular Biology: Academic Cell 2nd edn Clark, David P & Nanette J Pazdernik 2013 $ 135.00
Molecular Biology: Genes to Proteins 4th edn (PB) Tropp, Burton E 2012 Rs 1895.00
Molecular Evolution and Population Genetics for Marine Biologists Kartavtsev, Yuri Ph 2015 P 94.00
Molecular Life of Plants Karnik, Sangeeta & M M Sawant 2017 $ 179.00
Molecular Microbiology Laboratory: A Writing Intensive Course Ream, Walt et al 2003 $ 72.95
Molecular Plant Breeding (PB) Singh, B D & N S Shekhawat 2018 Rs 550.00
Molecular Wine Microbiology Carrascosa, Alfonso V et al eds 2011 $ 147.00
Mycorrhizas: Anatomy and Cell Biology Peterson, R Larry et al 2004 $ 105.00
Nanotechnology for Biology and Medicine: At the Building Block Level Silva, Gabriel & Vladimir Parpura eds 2012 EUR 229.00
Nitrogen Containing Macromolecules in the Bio and Geosphere Stankiewicz, B Artur & P F V Bergen eds 1998 P 105.00
Nonindigenous Freshwater Organisms: Vectors Biology and Impacts Claudi, Renata & Joseph H Leach eds 2000 $ 99.95
Nonlinear Wave Processes in Excitable Media Holden, Arun V et al eds 1991 EUR 219.00
Objective Life Science: MCQs for Life Science Examination CSIR DBT ICAR ICMR ASRB IARI SET & NET 3rd edn (PB) Choudhary, Kailash et al 2017 Rs 690.00
Ocean Life Ommanney, F D 2006 Rs 850.00
Ostrich: Biology Production and Health Deeming, D C ed 1999 P 110.00
Oxidants and Antioxidants: Ultrastructure and Molecular Biology Protocols Armstrong, Donald ed 2002 EUR 144.99
Paleobiology of Plant Protists Tappan, Helen 1980 $ 85.00
Photosynthesis Dubinsky, Zvy 2017 $ 125.00
Phytochrome Molecular Biology Pawar, S J 2018 Rs 1295.00
Plant Biotechnology and Genetics: Principles Techniques and Applications with CD Stewart, C Neal Jr ed 2013 Rs 1295.00
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