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Title Author Year Price  
Fermented Foods: Biochemistry and Biotechnology Chilton, Stephanie N et al 2017 P 120.00
Food Biochemistry and Food Processing 2nd edn Simpson, Benjamin K ed 2012 $ 328.95
Fungicides in Crop Protection Ferron, Jean 2018 Rs 1950.00
Genetics Herskowitz, Irwin H 2017 Rs 3295.00
Handbook of Dietary Fiber Cho, Susan Sungsoo & Mark L Dreher eds 2001 P 239.00
Handbook of Food Enzymology Whitaker, John R et al eds 2016 Rs 8995.00
Handbook of HPLC 2nd edn Corradini, Danilo ed 2016 Rs 7500.00
Handbook of Prebiotics Gibson, Glenn R et al eds 2016 Rs 3995.00
Instant Notes: Biochemistry 4th edn (PB) Hames, David & Nigel Hooper 2012 Rs 525.00
Introduction to Pepticides and Proteins Langel, Ulo et al 2016 Rs 2995.00
Laboratory Manual of Biochemistry: Methods and Techniques Sengar, R S & Rishu Chaudhary 2014 Rs 2150.00
Methods in Applied Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry Alef, Kassem & Paolo Nannipieri eds 2013 Rs 1895.00
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry of Fruit Ripening Seymour, Graham B et al 2013 $ 212.95
New Ingredients in Food Processing: Biochemistry and Agriculture Linden, Guy & Dens Lorient 2014 Rs 3995.00
Nutritional Biochemistry Singh, B K P 2017 Rs 1850.00
Objective Biochemistry (PB) Sengar, R S & Rishu Chaudhary 2014 Rs 695.00
Olives and Olive Oil as Functional Foods: Bioactivity Chemistry and Processing Kiritsakis, Apostolos & Fereidoon Shahidi 2017 $ 190.00
Onions and Allied Crops Vol 03: Biochemistry Food Science and Minor Crops Rabinwitch, Haim D & J L Brewster eds, Rabinwitch, Haim D & J L Brewster eds 1990 P 161.50
Organic Pollutants: An Ecotoxicological Perspective 2nd edn Walker, C H et al 2016 Rs 2995.00
Outlines of Biochemistry 5th edn (PB) Conn, Eric E. et al 2016 Rs 695.00
Physio Biochemistry and Biotechnology of Vegetable Crops Rana, M K 2011 Rs 3250.00
Plant Amino Acids: Biochemistry and Biotechnology Singh, Bijay K ed 2016 Rs 4995.00
Plant Biochemistry Dey, P M et al 2013 Rs 1495.00
Plant Pathogenesis and Resistance: Biochemistry and Physiology of Plant Microbe Interactions (PB) Huang, Jeng-Sheng 2010 Rs 2095.00
Practicals in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry (PB) Bala, Manju et al 2013 Rs 275.00
Principles of Biochemistry 7th edn Nelson, David L & Michael M Cox 2017 $ 257.99
Recent Advances in Cell Biochemistry Bailey, Jody 2016 Rs 1450.00
Science of Tea Technology (PB) Ahuja, P S et al 2013 Rs 650.00
Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry Dar, Ghulam Hassan 2010 Rs 3250.00
Soil Microbiology Ecology and Biochemistry 4th edn Paul, Eldor A ed 2017 Rs 3995.00
Techniques and Protocols in Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: A Ready Reckoner Kumar, R R et al 2015 Rs 2695.00
Textbook of Biochemistry 4th edn West, Edward Staunton 1974 Rs 995.00
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