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Title Author Year Price  
Handbook of Food Enzymology Whitaker, John R et al eds 2016 Rs 8995.00
Handbook of HPLC 2nd edn Corradini, Danilo ed 2016 Rs 7500.00
Handbook of Prebiotics Gibson, Glenn R et al eds 2016 Rs 3995.00
Introduction to Pepticides and Proteins Langel, Ulo et al 2016 Rs 2995.00
Magnetic Cell Separation: Laboratory Techniques in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Vol 32 Zborowski, M & J J Chalmers 2008 $ 128.00
MCQs in Cell and Molecular Biology Anandakumar, P 2015 Rs 1500.00
MCQs in Cell and Molecular Biology(PB) Anandakumar, P 2015 Rs 399.00
New Ingredients in Food Processing: Biochemistry and Agriculture Linden, Guy & Dens Lorient 2014 Rs 3995.00
Objective Biochemistry (PB) Sengar, R S & Rishu Chaudhary 2014 Rs 695.00
Objective Biochemistry for NET GATE CSIR JAM UGC UPSC (PB) Arun, N & S Karthick 2010 Rs 380.00
Objective Biotechnology (PB) Tiwari, S P et al 2018 Rs 150.00
Onions and Allied Crops Vol 03: Biochemistry Food Science and Minor Crops Rabinwitch, Haim D & J L Brewster eds 1990 P 161.50
Organic Pollutants: An Ecotoxicological Perspective 2nd edn Walker, C H et al 2016 Rs 2995.00
Plant Amino Acids: Biochemistry and Biotechnology Singh, Bijay K ed 2016 Rs 4995.00
Plant Biochemistry Dey, P M et al 2013 Rs 1495.00
Plant Pathogenesis and Resistance: Biochemistry and Physiology of Plant Microbe Interactions (PB) Huang, Jeng-Sheng 2010 Rs 2095.00
Plant Pigments Flavors and Textures: The Chemistry and Biochemistry of Selected Compounds Aizza, Lilian Cristina Baldon 2017 P 120.00
Practicals in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry Bala, Manju et al 2013 Rs 750.00
Practicals in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry (PB) Bala, Manju et al 2016 Rs 295.00
Principles and Techniques of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 8th edn (PB) Wilson, Keith & John Walker 2017 Rs 995.00
Principles of Biochemistry 5th edn (PB) Voet, Donald et al 2018 $ 69.95
Principles of Biochemistry 5th edn With Free MCQs (PB) Rastogi, Veer Bala & K R Aneja 2017 Rs 995.00
Principles of Biochemistry 6th edn White, Abraham et al 1983 Rs 1595.00
Principles of Biochemistry 7th edn Nelson, David L & Michael M Cox 2017 $ 272.99
Protein Biochemistry and Proteomics (PB) Rehm, Hubert 2006 $ 61.95
Soil Biochemistry Haider, Konrad & Andreas Schaffer 2018 Rs 1495.00
Soil Microbiology Ecology and Biochemistry 4th edn Paul, Eldor A ed 2018 Rs 3995.00
Subjective and Objective Question Bank in Dairy Chemistry Meghwal, Karuna & M K Sihag 2018 Rs 1895.00
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