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Title Author Year Price  
Archaeological Journey of Nalanda 1838-2016 Lama, G K 2018 Rs 2500.00
Archaeologist`s Manual for Conservation: A Guide to Non Toxic Minimal Intervention Artifact Stabilization Rodgers, Bradley A 2004 EUR 89.99
Archaeology: Theories Methods and Practice Goel, S K 2018 Rs 1500.00
Archaeomaterials in Early Cultures of Middle Ganga Plain: Excavations at Khairadih 1996-97 District Ballia U P Tripathi, Vibha 2018 Rs 2500.00
Art and Archarology in Bihar Sinha, C P 2018 Rs 3950.00
Art and Crafts of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh: Land People Culture Sinha, Renu 2018 Rs 1500.00
Art Heritage of Nalanda Lama, G K 2018 Rs 2000.00
Aspects of Pyrotechnology in Ancient Cultures of Ganga Plain Pandey, Nidhi 2018 Rs 3200.00
Bharatiya Kala mein Vyal Murtiya: Chhattisgarh ke Vishesh Sandarbh mein (Hindi) Chore, Ashutosh 2018 Rs 3000.00
Brahmi Writing System: Cross Fertilizing Epigraphy Archaeology and Linguistics Patel, Purushottam G 2010 Rs 495.00
Dynamics of Settlement Archaeology Haryana Thakaran, R C 2000 Rs 540.00
Felicitating A Legendary Archaeologist Prof B B Lal in 3 Vols Mani, B R et al 2018 Rs 7500.00
Hindu Temples Lost in the Forest: Rediscovering the World Heritage Site of Ishanapura Sambor Prei Kuk Sahai, Sachchidanand 2018 Rs 5000.00
History and Contribution of the Zamindars in Visakhapatnam Region AD 1611-1949 Kumari, Anjani 2017 Rs 485.00
History Culture and Archaeological Studies: Recent Trends Commemoration Volume to Prof M L K Murty in 3ols Reddy, Peddarapu Chenna ed 2018 Rs 15000.00
Indian Art Archaeology and Culture Kumar, Vinay 2018 Rs 3000.00
Indian Culture and Archaeological Studies: Festschrift to Dr A K V S Reddy Reddy, P Chenna 2018 Rs 4950.00
Maritime Archaeology: A Technical Handbook 2nd edn Green, Jeremy 2004 $ 86.95
Piecing Together the Past: The Interpretation of Archaeological Data (PB) Childe, V Gordon 2018 Rs 350.00
Prachya Vidhya ke Vividh Aayam (Hindi) Shrivastava, Satyaprakash 2017 Rs 495.00
Practical Archaeologist: How We Know What We Know About the Past 2nd edn (PB) Mclntosh, Jane 1999 $ 16.95
Prehistoric Archaeology in Central Eastern India: Jonk River Padhan, Tosabanta 2018 Rs 3500.00
Prehistory and Protohistory of India: An Appraisal Palaeolit Jain, V K 2014 Rs 260.00
Puramanthana: Current Advances in Indian Archaeology: Number 9 Sharma, A K & P K Singh 2018 Rs 3000.00
Temple Entry Movement in Tamil Nadu Pillai, S Subramania 2017 Rs 1595.00
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