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Title Author Year Price  
Buddhist Caves of Western India: Forms and Patronage Alone, Y S 2016 Rs 4500.00
Cave Temples of Ellora Burgess, James 1999 Rs 395.00
Environment and Settlement Pattern of the Harappan Civilization in the Chautang Basin Garge, Tejas 2017 Rs 3500.00
Harappan Civilization and Oriyo Timbo Rissman, Paul C 0 Rs 175.00
History of Orissa: From the Earliest Times to the British Period in 2 Vols Banerji, R D 2016 Rs 3200.00
Jain Murti Shilpa (HIndi) Rawat, Brijesh 2016 Rs 895.00
Last Two Dynasties of the Sahis: Analysis of their History Archaeology Coinage and Palaeography Rehman, Abdur 1988 Rs 350.00
Manuscriptology and Museology Bobade, Bhujang Ramrao 2017 Rs 1250.00
Maritime Archaeology: A Technical Handbook 2nd edn Green, Jeremy 2004 $ 67.95
Metal Technology of Sirpur Sharma, A K et al 2017 Rs 1750.00
Methodologies of Interpreting the Ancient Past of South Asia: Studies in Material Culture Dasgupta, Nupur & Pranab Kumar Chattopadhyay 2016 Rs 4500.00
Museums and Archives: Preservation Management and Digital Networking Bobade, Bhujang Ramrao 2017 Rs 1850.00
Museums Archaeology and Culture Bobade, Bhujang Ramrao & Omshiva Ligade 2017 Rs 1850.00
Museums: A New Era of Technology Bobade, Bhujang Ramrao & Omshiva Ligade 2017 Rs 1750.00
Practical Archaeologist: How We Know What We Know About thePast 2nd edn Mclntosh, Jane 1999 $ 16.95
PuramanthanaL Current Advances in Indian Archaeology No 8 Sharma, A K 2017 Rs 1750.00
Rock Art of India: Suitable Dating Techniques Malla, Bansi Lal ed 2016 Rs 2700.00
Short History of India Moreland, W H & Atul Chandra Chatterjee 2016 Rs 2200.00
Study of Material Remains in Indian Perspective Dubey, Anil Kumar et al 2016 Rs 2750.00
Temple and Society in South India Rajan, K Mavali 2016 Rs 1750.00
Women and Monastic Buddhism in Early South Asia: Rediscovering the Invisible Belivers Kaushik, Garima 2016 Rs 895.00
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