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Bioresource Technology Tripathi, G 2002 Rs 1195.00
Biostatistics: A Bayesian Introduction Woodworth, George G 2013 Rs 2995.00
Biotechnology in Agriculture and Food Processing: Opportunities and Challenges Nagarajan, S Babu 2017 Rs 850.00
Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry Vol 57: Plant Metabolomics Saito, K et al 2006 EUR 319.00
Bluetongue (PB) Prasad, Gaya et al 2007 Rs 500.00
Breeding Crop Plants Hayes, H K & R J Garber 2007 Rs 1500.00
Breeding Crop Plants Hayes, H K & R J Garber 2017 Rs 1995.00
Breeding Field Crops 5th edn Sleper, David Allen & J M Poehlman 2006 Rs 1595.00
Breeding of Ornamental Crops Ramachandra, R K et al 2018 Rs 2495.00
Brief Book of Agriculture for ICARs Exams JRF SRF ARS and IARI Phd Exams 7th ed including TNAU Notes Maitry, Roop Singh & Panch Ram Mirjha 2017 Rs 280.00
Business and Marketing Management in Agriculture Mathur, P C 2018 Rs 1850.00
Capitalist Relations in Agriculture Sharma, B K 2018 Rs 1850.00
Capsule for CSIR NET Life Science: CSIR Unit Wise Sorted Questions (15 Years) 2000 Model Question and Answer with Explanation (PB) Kar, Debasish et al 2018 Rs 700.00
Capsule on General Agriculture 3rd edn (PB) Ahmed, Afjal et al 2014 Rs 195.00
Carbon and Nutrient Dynamics in Natural and Agricultural Tropical Ecosystems Bergstrom, L & H Kirchmann eds 1999 P 65.00
Cashew (PB) Saroj, P L & K R M Swamy 2017 Rs 750.00
Cereal Grains: Assessing and Managing Quality Wrigley, C W & I L Batey eds 2010 $ 295.00
Cereal Grains: Assessing and Managing Quality Wrigley, C W & I L Batey eds 2015 Rs 4495.00
Cereals and Millets: Genome Mapping and Molecular Breeding in Plants Vol 1 Kole, Chittaranjan 2013 Rs 2995.00
Chemical Ecology of Insects Vol 2 (PB) Caroe, Ring T & William J Bell 1995 EUR 189.99
Chickpea (Gram): Status and Cultivation Technology (PB) Shekhawat, S S 2013 Rs 250.00
Citrus Singh, Shyam & S A M H Naqvi 2001 Rs 3700.00
Citrus Nutrition Srivastava, A K & Shyam Singh 2003 Rs 3300.00
Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in Agriculture and Allied Sectors Rao, G S L H V Prasad 2011 Rs 2950.00
Climate Change and Agriculture Davamani, V et al 2017 Rs 1500.00
Climate Change and Agriculture: Emerging Scenarios and Adaptation Strategies Bisht, B S et al eds 2012 Rs 1050.00
Climate change and its Security Aspects: Threatening the Food Security of India Maharana, Ashok Kumar 2017 Rs 799.00
Climate Change and Plantations in the Humid Tropics Rao, G S L H V Prasad 2016 Rs 3800.00
Climate Change and Sustainable Agriculture Kumar, P Suresh et al 2017 Rs 3600.00
Climate Change and the Global Harvest: Potential Impacts of the Greenhouse Effect on Agriculture Rosenzweig, Cynthia & Daniel Hillel 1998 P 38.99
Climate Change Impact and Adaptation in Agricultural Systems Fuhrer, Jurg & Peter J. Gregory 2014 P 85.00
Climate Resilient Animal Agriculture Rao, G S L H V Prasada et al 2018 Rs 2995.00
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