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Title Author Year Price  
Agronomy: Principles and Practices (PB) Das, P C & R K Ghosh 2017 Rs 175.00
Agrotechnology for Dryland Farming 2nd revised ed Dhopte, Arvind M 2017 Rs 3950.00
Algal Biology and Biotechnology Khattar, J I S et al eds 2009 Rs 1195.00
All About Agronomy Ramesh, Kulasekaran 2015 Rs 895.00
Allied Fibre Crops Singh, D P 2006 Rs 695.00
Alternative Energy in Agriculture Vol 2 Goswami, D Yogi ed 2015 $ 124.00
Applied Farm Management 2nd edn Turner, Jonathan & Martin Taylor 2014 Rs 3295.00
Applied Farm Managment Singh, S K 2018 Rs 1995.00
Applied Mycology Rai, Mahendra & Paul D Bridge eds 2009 P 99.95
Aquatic Vegetables Borade, Ravindra 2017 $ 189.00
Bacteria in Agrobiology: Crop Productivity Maheshwari, Dinesh K et al 2013 EUR 184.99
Bagaani Fasalen (PB) Hindi Peter, K V ed 2011 Rs 110.00
Banana Breeding Sharma, Gopal 2018 Rs 1995.00
Basic Concepts of Plant Science JRF SRF BHU SAU ARS NET UPSC PSCs and Other Competitive Examinations (PB) Bangarwa, Sandeep K & Dheeraj Singh 2018 Rs 395.00
Basic Concepts of Vegetable Science 2nd Revised and Enlarged edn (PB) Singh, Neeraj Pratap 2016 Rs 495.00
Basic Principles of Agricultural Meteorology Murthy, V Radha Krishna 2016 Rs 895.00
Basics of Organic Farming (PB) Bansal, Mamta 2017 Rs 195.00
Beer Analysis: Modern Methods of Plant Analysis Linskens, H F & J F Jackson eds 2009 Rs 1995.00
Bharat: Samradha Sheti Garib Shetkari (PB) Pitle, Ramakant 2011 Rs 150.00
Bharatiya Krishi: Chunotiyaa evam Avasar (Hindi) Singh, C B et al 2016 Rs 950.00
Biochemistry and Physiology of Polymines in Plants Solcum, Robert D & Hector E Flores eds 1991 P 371.00
Biocontrol Potential and its Exploitation in Sustainable Agriculture Vol 2: Insect Pests Upadhyay, R K et al eds 2001 EUR 299.00
Biofertilizer Technology (PB) Kannaiyan, S et al 2013 Rs 550.00
Biofertilizers in Agriculture and Forestry 3rd edn Rao, N S Subba 2015 Rs 595.00
Biofertilizers in Sustainable Agriculture Gaur, A C 2010 Rs 500.00
Biogas from Waste and Renewable Resources: An Introduction 2nd edn Deublein, Dieter & Angelika Steinhauser 2011 $ 165.00
Bioinformatics in Agriculture: Tools and Applications Balakrishnan, M & S Dam Roy ed 2014 Rs 2950.00
Biological Control of Plant Parasitic Nematodes 2nd edn Stirling, G R 2014 P 125.00
Biological Oxidation Systems in 2 Vols Reddy, C Channa et al eds 1990 $ 230.00
Biological Rhythms and Photoperiodism in Plants Lumsden, P J & A J Millar eds 1998 P 132.00
Biologically Active Natural Products: Agrochemicals Cutler, Horace G & Stephen J C eds 2016 Rs 3495.00
Biomass Processing Technologies Mudia. Deepali 2017 $ 189.00
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