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Title Author Year Price  
Agronomy News: Important Concepts New Concepts Objective (PB) Bussa, Bhargavi 2018 Rs 250.00
Agronomy Treatise (PB) Chaudhary, P D & R S Bana 2018 Rs 425.00
Agronomy: Principles and Practices (PB) Das, P C & R K Ghosh 2017 Rs 175.00
Agronomy: Principles and Practices (PB) Somasundaram, E & M Mohamed Amanullah 2018 Rs 295.00
Agrotechnology for Dryland Farming 2nd revised ed Dhopte, Arvind M 2017 Rs 3950.00
Algal Biology and Biotechnology Khattar, J I S et al eds 2009 Rs 1195.00
All About Agronomy Ramesh, Kulasekaran 2015 Rs 895.00
Allied Fibre Crops Singh, D P 2006 Rs 695.00
Alternative Energy in Agriculture Vol 2 Goswami, D Yogi ed 2000 $ 124.00
Antioxidant Properties of Vegetable Crops Singh, Saurabh et al 2018 Rs 3895.00
Apiculture in India Rahman, Atiqur 2017 Rs 1000.00
Applied Farm Management 2nd edn Turner, Jonathan & Martin Taylor 2014 Rs 3295.00
Applied Microbiology: Agriculture Environmental Food and Industrial Microbiology (PB) Reddy, S M et al eds 2017 Rs 490.00
Applied Mycology Rai, Mahendra & Paul D Bridge eds 2009 P 99.95
Aushodhiyan evam Sugandht Paudhon ki Vavasayik Kirishikaran: A Complete Handbook of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Cultivation EIRI 2014 Rs 800.00
B Sc Agriculture Entrance Exam: Includes Previous Years Papers of Physics Biology Chemistry Mathematics Agriculture for ICAR`s AIEEA UG Exam (PB) Gaur, Lalita 2017 Rs 320.00
Bacteria in Agrobiology: Crop Productivity Maheshwari, Dinesh K et al 2013 EUR 184.99
Bagaani Fasalen (PB) Hindi Peter, K V ed 2011 Rs 110.00
Basic Agriculture (PB) Sunda, N R & S L Kaswan 2018 Rs 425.00
Basic Concepts of Plant Science JRF SRF BHU SAU ARS NET UPSC PSCs and Other Competitive Examinations (PB) Bangarwa, Sandeep K & Dheeraj Singh 2018 Rs 330.00
Basic Concepts of Vegetable Science 2nd Revised and Enlarged edn (PB) Singh, Neeraj Pratap 2016 Rs 525.00
Basics of Organic Farming (PB) Bansal, Mamta 2017 Rs 195.00
Beer Analysis: Modern Methods of Plant Analysis Linskens, H F & J F Jackson eds 2009 Rs 2095.00
Bharat: Samradha Sheti Garib Shetkari (PB) Pitle, Ramakant 2011 Rs 150.00
Bharatiya Krishi: Chunotiyaa evam Avasar (Hindi) Singh, C B et al 2016 Rs 950.00
Biochemistry and Physiology of Polymines in Plants Solcum, Robert D & Hector E Flores eds 1991 P 371.00
Biocontrol Potential and its Exploitation in Sustainable Agriculture Vol 2: Insect Pests Upadhyay, R K et al eds 2001 EUR 299.00
Biofertilizers and Biopesticides Lakshman, H C 2014 Rs 700.00
Biofertilizers for Sustainable Agriculture Sharma, Arun K 2017 Rs 1500.00
Biofertilizers in Sustainable Agriculture Gaur, A C 2010 Rs 500.00
Biogas from Waste and Renewable Resources: An Introduction 2nd edn Deublein, Dieter & Angelika Steinhauser 2011 $ 165.00
Biological Oxidation Systems in 2 Vols Reddy, C Channa et al eds 1990 $ 230.00
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