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Title Author Year Price  
Advances in Fish Processing Technology Sen, D P 2005 Rs 1800.00
Advances in Preservation and Processing Technologies of Fruits and Vegetables Rajarathnam, S & R S Ramteke 2011 Rs 4000.00
Advances in Stored Product Protection Credland, P F et al eds, Credland, P F et al eds 2003 P 215.00
Agro Food Processing and Packaging Technology (PB) EIRI 2013 Rs 1100.00
Commercial Vegetable Processing 2nd edn Luh, Bob Shiun & Jasper Guy Woodroof 2014 Rs 1495.00
Complete Book on Banana Cultivation Dehydration Ripening Processing Products and Packaging Technology EIRI 2013 Rs 975.00
Complete World Encyclopedia of Apples: A Comprehensive Identification Guide to over 400 Varieties Accompanied by 90 Scrumptious Recipes (PB) Mikolajski, Andrew 2012 Rs 695.00
Crop Postharvest: Science and Technology Vol 1 Principles and Practice Golob, Peter et al eds 2002 $ 460.00
Crop Postharvest: Science and Technology Vol 2 Durables Hodges, Rick & Graham Farrell 2004 $ 335.00
Ecosustainable Polymer Nanomaterials for Food Packaging: Innovative Solutions Characterisation Needs Safety and Environmental Issues Silvestre, Clara & Sossio Cimmino eds 2013 P 86.00
Engineering for Storage of Fruits and Vegetables: Cold Storage Controlled Atmosphere Storage Modified Atmosphere Storage Rao, Chandra Gopala 2014 Rs 3250.00
Fish Processing and Preservation Cutting, Charls L 2012 Rs 895.00
Fruit and Vegetable Preservation: Principles and Practices 3rd Revised and Enlarged edn (PB) Srivastava, R P & Sanjeev Kumar 2002 Rs 595.00
Fruit and Vegetable Processing Handbook (PB) EIRI 2003 Rs 900.00
Fruit Ripening: Physiology Signalling and Genomics Mattoo, Autar K & Jeffrey C Suttle eds 2014 P 95.00
Fruits for Livelihood: Production Technology and Management Practices Dutta, Avijit Kr & Bholanath Mondal 2018 Rs 3500.00
Glimpses of Postharvest Technology (PB) Meena, Uadal Singh & Suresh Kumar P 2013 Rs 225.00
Gwar: Utpadan Prodhoyogiki (Hindi) Kumar, D 2010 Rs 1950.00
Handbook of Farm Dairy and Food Machinery Engineering 2nd ed Kutz, Myer ed 2017 Rs 4995.00
Handbook of Fruit Science and Technology: Production Composition Storage and Processing Salunkhe & Kadam, Salunkhe, D K & S S Kadam eds 2005 Rs 2995.00
Handbook of Postharvest Technology: Cereals Fruits Vegetables Tea and Spices Chakraverty, Amalendu et al eds 2018 Rs 4195.00
Handbook of Vegetable Preservation and Processing Hui, Y H et al eds 2015 Rs 7495.00
Handbook of Vegetables and Vegetable Processing Sinha, Nirmal K ed 2016 Rs 5995.00
Handling Transportation and Storage of Fruits and Vegetables Vol 1: Vegetables and Melons 3rd edn (PB) Ryall, A Lloyd & Werner J Lipton 2017 Rs 1095.00
Handling Transportation and Storage of Fruits and Vegetables Vol 2: Fruits and Tree Nuts 3rd edn (PB) Ryall, A Lloyd & Werner J Lipton 2017 Rs 1095.00
Insect Pests Diseases and Postharvest Management of Horticultural Crops De, L C 2019 Rs 1000.00
Management of Post Harvest Diseases of Fruits Vegetables and Tuber Crops (PB) Philip, Susamma 2014 Rs 550.00
Manual on the Prevention of Post Harvest Grain Losses (PB) Gwinner, Joost et al 1977 Rs 1800.00
Minor Spices and Condiments: Crop Management and Postharvest Technology Pruthi, J S 2001 Rs 250.00
Modern Technology of Agro Processing and Food Packaging Products with Project Profiles EIRI 2014 Rs 1100.00
Nano Food Packaging: A New Postharvest Venture Ponnuswami, V et al 2012 Rs 1895.00
Novel Food Packaging Techniques Ahvenainen, Raija ed 2005 Rs 4495.00
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