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Advances in Pest Management and Pest Control Edwin Tan 2015 $ 140.00
Advances in Stored Product Protection Credland, P F et al eds, Credland, P F et al eds 2003 P 215.00
Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control (PB) Pradhan, S 2016 Rs 200.00
Agricultural Pests of India and of Eastern and Southern Asia Balfour, Edward 2005 Rs 250.00
Agricultural Pests of South Asia and Their Management (PB) Atwal, A S & G S Dhaliwal 2016 Rs 425.00
Biological and Biotechnological Control of Insect Pests Rechcigl, Jack E & Nancy A Rechcigl 2014 Rs 3995.00
Biologically Active Natural Products: Agrochemicals Cutler, Horace G & Stephen J C eds 2016 Rs 3495.00
Biopesticides for Sustainable Agriculture Ameta, O P et al 2013 Rs 2980.00
Biopesticides of Plant Origin Regnault, Catherine Roger et al 1995 $ 136.00
Classical Biological Control: Insect Pests and Weeda Gautam, R D 2018 Rs 3000.00
Coffee Pests Diseases and their Management Waller, J M et al ed 2007 P 105.00
Diseases of Fruits and Vegetables Diagnosis and Management Vol 1 Naqvi, S A M H ed 2004 Rs 3195.00
Diseases of Fruits and Vegetables Diagnosis and Management Vol 2 Naqvi, S A M H ed 2004 Rs 3195.00
Ecologically Based Integrated Pest Management in 2 Vols Abrol, D P & Uma Shankar eds 2012 Rs 4850.00
Fighting Pesticide Resistance in Anthropods Mohan, M et al 2015 Rs 1500.00
Genetic Control of Insect Pests Davidson, G 2013 Rs 1595.00
Handbook of Agro Chemical Industries: Insecticides and Pesticides EIRI 2003 Rs 900.00
Handbook of Pesticides: Methods of Pesticide Residue Analysis Nollet, Leo M L & H S Rathore eds 2010 Rs 5995.00
Handbook of Vegetable Pests Capinera, John L 2013 Rs 5195.00
How to Get Rid of Garden Pests and Diseases: An Illustrated Identifier and Practical Problem Solver Mikolajski, Andrew 2007 Rs 1500.00
Insect Bioecology and Nutrition for Integrated Pest Management with CD Panizzi, Antonio R & Jose R P Parra eds 2012 P 131.00
Insect Pests and Their Control Evans, J W 2005 Rs 650.00
Insect Pests of Rice and their Control Zahurul, M 2010 Rs 350.00
Integrated Pest Management in the Tropics: Current Status and Future Prospects Mengech, A N & K N Saxena 2014 Rs 2995.00
Integrated Pest Management System in Agriculture Vol 2: Biocontrol in Emerging Biotechnology Upadhyay, Rajeev K et al eds 1997 Rs 1850.00
Integrated Pest Management: Concepts and Approaches (PB) Dhaliwal, G S & Ramesh Arora 2017 Rs 450.00
Introduction to Insect Pest Management 3rd edn (PB) Metcalf, Robert L & William H Luckmann 2011 Rs 1595.00
Mammalian Toxicology of Insecticides Marrs, Timothy C 2012 P 144.99
Mastitis and Allied Diseases in Livestock De, Ujjwal Kumar & Reena Mukherjee 2013 Rs 650.00
Microbial Pest Control Khetan, Sushil K 2017 Rs 2995.00
Molluscs as Crop Pests Barker, G M ed 2002 P 120.00
Optimising Pesticide Use Wilson, Michael F ed 2003 $ 271.00
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