Agriculture Pathology

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About Diseases of Horticultural Crops (PB) Sharma, I M & H R Gautam 2016 Rs 2995.00
Annual Review of Phytopathology Vol 27 Webster, Robert K et al eds 1989 Rs 1200.00
Annual Review of Phytopathology Vol 28 Webster, Robert K et al eds 1990 Rs 1200.00
Annual Review of Phytopathology Vol 29 Webster, Robert K et al eds 1991 Rs 1200.00
Applied Mycology Rai, Mahendra & Paul D Bridge eds 2009 P 99.95
Applied Plant Virology (PB) Wilson, C R 2014 P 39.95
Bacteria in Agrobiology: Disease Management Maheshwari, Dinesh K ed 2013 EUR 209.00
Bacterial Blight of Cotton Verma, Jeevan P 1986 $ 155.00
Biological Control of Plant Diseases Chincholkar, S B & Mukerji, K G 2016 Rs 3295.00
Biological Control of Plant Diseases and Weeds Sharma, Pratibha 2014 Rs 600.00
Biotechnology and Plant Disease Management Punja, Z K et al eds 2007 P 120.00
Citrus Mites: Identification Bionomy and Control Vacante, Vincenzo 2010 P 99.95
Coffee Pests Diseases and their Management Waller, J M et al ed 2007 P 105.00
Colour Handbook on Practical Plant Pathology Yadav, Vijay 2015 Rs 1995.00
Compandium of Diseases on Potato Wakle, G L 2018 Rs 1895.00
Comprehensive and Molecular Phytopathology Dyakov, Yu T et al eds 2014 Rs 3295.00
Concepts in Plant Pathology Choyal, Rajaram 2013 Rs 1325.00
Crop Diseases and Control Singh, J K etal 2011 Rs 875.00
Diseases of Field Crops and Their Management Thind, T S 2017 Rs 2495.00
Diseases of Horticultural Crops: Identification & Management Kumar, Sanjeev 2014 Rs 2295.00
Diseases of Temperate Horticultural Plants Rane, Grishma 2017 $ 179.00
Diseases of Vegetable Crops and their Integrated Management: A Colour Handbook Mishra, R K et al 2012 Rs 1750.00
Diseases of Vegetable Ornamental and Spice Crops Gupta, S K et al eds 2017 Rs 1940.00
Encyclopaedia of Plant Pathology in 2 Vols Maloy, Otis C & Timothy D Murray eds 2011 Rs 14995.00
Encyclopedia of Fungicides Vol 1: Animal and Plant Disease Frost, Chris 2015 $ 140.00
Encyclopedia of Fungicides Vol 3: Plant Disease Management Frost, Chris 2015 $ 140.00
Endothelin: Molecular Biology Physiology and Pathology Highsmith, Robert F ed 1998 EUR 200.00
Frontiers of Cellular Bioenergetics: Molecular Biology Biochemistry and Physiopathology Papa, Sergio et al eds 1999 EUR 209.00
Fundamentals of Plant Pathology Pathak, V N et al 2012 Rs 1800.00
Fundamentals of Plant Virology Matthews, R E F 2013 Rs 2795.00
Fundamentals of Seed Pathology (PB) Vishunavat, Karuna 2016 Rs 275.00
Fungi and Plant Diseases Bennett, F T 1998 Rs 500.00
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