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Applied Manure and Nutrient Chemistry for Sustainabe Agriculture and Environment He, Zhongqi & Hailin Zhang 2015 EUR 184.99
Biofertilisers: Commercial Production Technology and Quality Control Sawant, Abhijeet 2017 $ 179.00
Biofertilizers in Sustainable Agriculture Gaur, A C 2010 Rs 500.00
Compost (PB) Strauss, Rachelle 2009 P 9.99
Handbook of Microalgal Culture: Applied Phycology and Biotechnology 2nd edn Pandian, Richmond, Amos & Qiang Hu eds, P Saravana et al 2013 $ 371.95
Handbook of Organic Farming Sharma, Arun K 2016 Rs 2500.00
Handbook of Soil Plant Water Fertilizer and Manure Analysis Durai, M V 2014 Rs 1500.00
Manures and Fertilizers 12th edn (PB) Yawalkar, K S et al 2016 Rs 400.00
Manures Fertilizers and Pesticides: Theory and Applications (PB) Rakshit, Amitava & Priyanakar Raha 2015 Rs 350.00
Nitrogen Management in Crop Production Dubey, Pankaj K & Prahlad Maurya 2017 $ 189.00
Organic Agricultural Practices: Alternatives to Conventional Agricultural Systems Etingoff, Kimberly 2017 Rs 3495.00
Plant Nutrition Manures Fertilizers Nirankari, Lal Singh 2016 Rs 850.00
Soil and Fertilizer Nitrogen IAEA 1984 Rs 1500.00
Tools for Vermitechnology Dash, Madhab, Chandra 2013 Rs 1795.00
Traditional American Farming Techniques: A Ready reference on all phases of Agriculture for Farmers of the United States and Canada 2nd ed Gardner, Frank D 2007 $ 29.95
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