Agriculture Extension

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Advances in Extension Education for all Competitive related to Extension Education NET ARS MSc Ph D Entrance IAS PCS Dangi, D K 2015 Rs 3200.00
Advances in ICT in Agriculture Panda, Chandan Kumar et al 2018 Rs 1595.00
Agricultural Extension 2nd edn (PB) Ban, A W Van Den & H S Hawkins 2002 Rs 450.00
Agricultural Extension and Rural Development SIngh, Dan & B K Singh 2011 Rs 1895.00
Agricultural Extension: As Related to Business Interests Agricultural Extension Committee 2017 Rs 795.00
Agriculture Extension: Facts at a Glance Bairathi, Rajeev 2011 Rs 500.00
Agriculture Under Climate Chnage: Threats Strategies and Policies V V, Belavadi et al 2017 Rs 1450.00
Agro Information System: Identification and Parameterization of Needs of Farmers Planners and Research Workers Metkewer, P S & H S Acharya 2007 Rs 495.00
Communication for Rural Innovation: Rethinking Agricultural Extension 3rd edn Leeuwis, Cees 2015 Rs 3895.00
Communication Skills and Personality Development (PB) Kadam, J R et al 2018 Rs 200.00
Dynamics of Extension Education: A Book for Competitive Examinations Like ICAR JRF SRF NET UGC NET IARI Ph.D Entrance ARS IBPS AFO (PB) Das, Litan et al 2018 Rs 410.00
Encyclopaedia on Agro Ecosystems Rural Development and Extension Education Management in 3 Vols Gupta, Debabrata Das 2016 Rs 6500.00
Evolution of Extension Agriculture (PB) Meena, Devendra Kumar et al 2017 Rs 210.00
Extension Education and Communication Somani, L L 2013 Rs 1900.00
Extension Education at a Glance 3rd edn Chauhan, M S & L L Somani 2018 Rs 2980.00
Extension Management in the Information Age: Initiatives and Impacts Philip, H et al 2013 Rs 2950.00
Extension Programme Planning (PB) Sandhu, A S 2015 Rs 250.00
Extension Research Methodology De, Dipak & Basavaprabhu Jirli 2015 Rs 2280.00
Extension Teaching Methods Sharma, F L et al 2013 Rs 1180.00
Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension Barman, Utpal et al 2011 Rs 750.00
Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension Education Rathore, Surya & L L Somani 2019 Rs 1980.00
Glimpses of Practical in Extension Education Pradhan, K et al 2018 Rs 1495.00
Glossary of Extension Education: Veterinary Agriculture and Fisheries Science Meena, H R 2013 Rs 1595.00
Introduction to Agricultural Social Sciences: Agricultural Economic Extension Education and Statistics: A Complete Textbook on Agricultural Social Science 2nd edn (PB) Chandra, Subhash et al 2015 Rs 600.00
Knowledge and Perception of Farmers Towards Climate Change Preethi et al 2017 Rs 495.00
Livelihood Diversification Devarajaiah, M K & M S Nataraju 2015 Rs 795.00
MCQs in Extension Education for JRF SRF NET and ARS (PB) Chauhan, Jitendra et al 2018 Rs 175.00
New Dimensions and Approaches in Extension Pluralism for Rural Development Vasanthakumar, J et al eds 2017 Rs 1200.00
Objective Agricultural Extension: MCQs for Agricultural Competitive Examinations (PB) Arya, Renu et al 2017 Rs 375.00
Objective Book on Human Resources Management Entrepreneurship Training and Development: For JRF SRF SAUs CAUs UGC NET and ASRB NET (PB) Azad, Abul K et al 2018 Rs 140.00
Objective Fundamentals for Professionals in Extension Education 4th edn Paul, Narinder & V P Sharma 2018 Rs 2980.00
Parasitology: A Research Guide Agrawal, M C 2019 Rs 2100.00
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