Agriculture Extension

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Title Author Year Price  
Abridgement of Extension Education Rajeshwar, Jakkawad Sunildutt et al 2016 Rs 895.00
Advances and Challenges in Agricultural Extension and Rural Development Rathakrishnan, T 2009 Rs 2450.00
Advances in Extension Education for all Competitive related to Extension Education NET ARS MSc Ph D Entrance IAS PCS Dangi, D K 2015 Rs 3200.00
Agricultural Extension 2nd edn (PB) Ban, A W Van Den & H S Hawkins 2002 Rs 375.00
Agricultural Extension and Farm Journalism Singh, A K 2014 Rs 990.00
Agricultural Extension: Worldwide Innovations Saravanan, R 2008 Rs 1850.00
Agriculture Extension and Mass Communication Singh, A K 2014 Rs 990.00
Agriculture Extension: Facts at a Glance Bairathi, Rajeev 2011 Rs 500.00
Agro Informatics Vanitha, G & M Kalpana 2011 Rs 1500.00
Agro Information System: Identification and Parameterizationof Needs of Farmers Planners and Research Workers Metkewer, P S & H S Acharya 2007 Rs 495.00
Bharat mein Krishi Prasar (Agriculture Extension in India) Yadav, Jiyalal 2012 Rs 850.00
Communication for Rural Innovation: Rethinking Agricultural Extension  3rd ed Leeuwis, Cees 2015 Rs 3895.00
Communication: The Process and Application in Extension Education Acharya, S K & M M Adhikary 2012 Rs 2200.00
Dictionary of Extension Education 2nd edn Intodia, S L et al 2009 Rs 800.00
Dimensions of Extension Education Mohapatra, B P 2013 Rs 950.00
Extension Communication and Management 4th edn Ray, G L 0 Rs 160.00
Extension Management in the Information Age: Initiatives and Impacts Philip, H et al 2013 Rs 2950.00
Extension Techniques for Livestock Development Singh, S K & S D Singh 2011 Rs 2850.00
Extension Training and Management Sharma, F L & S D Samota 2017 Rs 1700.00
Family Farming: challenges and Opportunities Mondal, Bitan et al 2016 Rs 2995.00
Farm Journalism and Media Management 2nd edn Bhaskaran, C 2013 Rs 700.00
Graphical User Interface Dimri, S C 2004 Rs 495.00
ICTs for Agricultural Extension: Global Experiments Innovations and Experiences Saravanan, R 2010 Rs 2950.00
ICTs for Transfer of Technologies: Tools & Techniques Verma, S R 2015 Rs 1550.00
Knowledge and Perception of Farmers Towards Climate Change Preethi et al 2017 Rs 495.00
Livelihood Diversification Devarajaiah, M K & M S Nataraju 2015 Rs 795.00
Multiple Choice Questions in Agricultural Extension for JRF ARS NET SRF Exams 3rd edn Sunil, V G 2014 Rs 240.00
Objective Agricultural Extension: MCQs for Agricultural Competitive Examinations Arya, Renu et al 2013 Rs 325.00
Participative Management and Rural Development Mishra, S N 1992 Rs 195.00
Prasar Shiksha evam Gramin Vikas (Extension Education and Rural Development) (Hindi) Singh, J P 2016 Rs 275.00
Question Bank in Extension Education Mohammad, Asif et al 2015 Rs 425.00
Samprekshan: Pratiroop evam Siddhant Singh, Sreekant 2007 Rs 450.00
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