Agriculture Engineering

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Advances in Food Process Engineering Research and Applications Yanniotis, Stavros et al 2015 EUR 169.99
Agricultural Engineering Question Bank BSKKV 2015 Rs 295.00
Agricultural Technologies: Agricultural Engineering Vol 1 (PB) I C A R 2016 Rs 350.00
Agricultural Technologies: Agricultural Engineering Vol 2 (PB) I C A R 2016 Rs 350.00
Agricultural Technologies: Animal Science (PB) I C A R 2016 Rs 350.00
Dairy Science and Technology Handbook Vol 2: Product Manufacturing Hui, Y H ¬†ed 2014 Rs 1095.00
Deep Sea Fishing in India: From Trawler to Table Rao, U Shanker 2012 Rs 950.00
Dimensional Analysis of Food Processes Delaplace, Guillaume et al 2015 $ 130.00
Drainage Engineering (PB) Bhattacharya, A K 2016 Rs 120.00
Engineering Aspects of Food Emulsification and Homogenisation Rayner, Marilyn & Petr Dejmek 2015 P 131.00
Farm Machinery 12th Edition (PB) Culpin, Claude 2016 Rs 1295.00
Farm Power and Machinery Management 10th edn Hunt, Donnell 2013 Rs 995.00
Formulation Engineering of Foods Norton, Jennifer E et al eds 2013 $ 212.95
Handbook of Agricultural Engineering ICAR 2013 Rs 1000.00
Handbook of Farm Dairy and Food Machinery Kutz, Myer 2009 Rs 1695.00
Handbook of Farm Dairy and Food Machinery Engineering 2nd ed Kutz, Myer ed 2017 Rs 4995.00
Introduction to Agricultural Engineering Technology: A Problem Solving Approach 3rd edn Field, Harry L & John B Solie 2009 Rs 3495.00
Mathematical Modelling of Agricultural Drainage Groundwater and Seepages (PB) Chauhan, A S 2014 Rs 500.00
Mathematical Models of Crop Growth and Yield Overman, Allen R & Richard V Scholtz III 2017 Rs 2995.00
Mechanisation and Automation in Dairy Technology Tamime, A Y ed 2016 Rs 4995.00
Microirrigation for Crop Production: Design Operation and Management Lamm, Freddie R et al eds 2013 Rs 4995.00
Modern Technology in Vegetable Production Hazra, Pranab et al 2011 Rs 3250.00
Modified and Controlled Atmospheres for the Storage Transportation and Packaging of Horticultural Commodities Yahia, Elhadi M ed 2014 Rs 5495.00
Numericals and Short Questions in Farm Machinery Power and Energy in Agriculture Yadav, Rajvir & H B Solanki 2009 Rs 1400.00
Objective Agriculture Engineering 2nd edn Kale, M U & M S Supe 2014 Rs 1495.00
Objective Questions and Solved Papers for Agricultural Engineering Examinations (PB) Rawat, S N & S K Goyal 2016 Rs 225.00
Objective Type Questions Bank on Food Process Engineering and Technology (PB) Ansari, Irfan Ahmad 2016 Rs 250.00
Objectives in Soil and Water Conservation Engineering for JRF SRF NET ARS IARI PB) Jeet, Pawan & Prem 2016 Rs 200.00
Operation care and Repair of Farm Machinery: Practical Hints for Handymen 2nd ed Deere, John 2000 $ 14.95
Postharvest Handling: A Systems Approach 2nd edn Florkowski, Wojciech J et al ed 2013 Rs 4295.00
Postharvest Technology of Horticultural Crops Sharma, S K & M C Nautiyal 2009 Rs 1295.00
Question Bank Agricultural Engineering Godara, Amandeep 2015 Rs 950.00
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