Agriculture Engineering

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Advances in Food Process Engineering Research and Applications Yanniotis, Stavros et al 2015 EUR 169.99
Advances in Modern Agricultural Engineering Mechamics Castillo-Ruiz, Francisco J et al. 2017 P 120.00
Agricultural Drainage Engineering: Field and Laboratory Manual (PB) Parmar, H V 2014 Rs 250.00
Agricultural Engineering Davidson, J Brownlee 2017 Rs 2595.00
Agricultural Engineering Question Bank 3rd ed (PB) BSKKV 2018 Rs 325.00
Agricultural Mechanics Design Principles and Practice Longo, Domenico & Giovanni Muscato 2017 P 120.00
Agricultural Process Engineering: Previous Years Question Papers of ARS ICAR NET on Memory Basis (PB) Singham, Pragati & Preeti Birwal 2017 Rs 150.00
Agricultural Technologies: Agricultural Engineering Vol 1 (PB) I C A R 2016 Rs 350.00
Agricultural Technologies: Agricultural Engineering Vol 2 (PB) I C A R 2016 Rs 350.00
Agricultural Technologies: Animal Science (PB) I C A R 2016 Rs 350.00
Catalogue on Tools and Machinery Developed by ICAR (PB) Alagusundaram, K et al 2017 Rs 100.00
Concepts of Farm Machinery and Power Mandal, Dipankar 2017 Rs 1895.00
Dairy Plant Engineering and Management Ahmad, Tufail 2017 Rs 950.00
Dairy Science and Technology Handbook Vol 2: Product Manufacturing Hui, Y H ed 2014 Rs 1095.00
Deep Sea Fishing in India: From Trawler to Table Rao, U Shanker 2012 Rs 950.00
Drainage Engineering (PB) Bhattacharya, A K 2016 Rs 120.00
Encyclopaedia of Agricultural Mechanics and Design in 3 Vols Castillo-Ruiz, Francisco J et al. 2017 P 360.00
Engineering for Storage of Fruits and Vegetables: Cold Storage Controlled Atmosphere Storage Modified Atmosphere Storage Rao, Chandra Gopala 2014 Rs 3250.00
Entrepreneurship and Skill Development in Horticultural Processing Sudheer, K P & V Indira 2018 Rs 3995.00
Entrepreneurship Development in Food Processing Sudheer, K P & V Indira 2018 Rs 3995.00
Extension of Technologies from Labs to Farms Anandaraja, Nallusamy et al 2008 Rs 2250.00
Farm Machinery 12th Edition (PB) Culpin, Claude 2016 Rs 1295.00
Farm Mechanization for Production Khare, Dhirendra et al 2018 Rs 980.00
Farm Power and Machinery Management 10th edn Hunt, Donnell 2013 Rs 995.00
Fish Catching Methods of the World 4 edn Gabriel 2016 Rs 4995.00
Food Process Engineering and Technology 2nd edn Berk, Zeki 2017 Rs 4995.00
Formulas and Computations in Agriculture Brajendra et al 2019 Rs 990.00
Fundamentals of Agriculture Engineering (PB) Kale, M U & M S Supe 2018 Rs 625.00
Fundamentals of Aquacultural Engineering (PB) Lawson, Thomas B 1997 Rs 325.00
Green Agriculture: Newer Technologies Behera, Kambaska Kumar 2012 Rs 3650.00
Handbook of Agricultural Engineering ICAR 2013 Rs 1500.00
Handbook of Farm Dairy and Food Machinery Kutz, Myer 2009 Rs 1695.00
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